Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Barking Dogs Seldom Bite

I was reading with interest the vitriolic comments made by so called "coup-supporters" obviously opposed to the contrary views of pro-democracy bloggers.

At the heart of the diatribe by these morons was the allegation that such pro-democracy bloggers were "dogs" ie. cowards. Cowards who criticized the military and the IG under the anonymity of blogs.

These comments got me thinking. Are we really cowards for setting up anonymous blogs and websites to express our adverse views against the military and the IG?

Why not express our views openly under our true identities?

The reason is simple.

When you speak out in Fiji, you are either beaten up or you are threatened with personal violence or even death, or both. And, when you are threatened, the threats of personal violence do not end with you, they extend to your families and loved ones.

People like me who feel strongly about the restoration of democracy in Fiji fear losing control of our beloved country of to an uneducated idiot like Bainimarama far far more than we fear personal harm to ourselves. However, when it comes to our families and loved ones, we have reason to pause because we are not sure whether we want them to suffer for our beliefs.

No, we are not cowards. We would gladly knuckle up with any soldier who comes our way with but his bare fists. But they don't come with just their bare fists do they? No. They come armed to the teeth (helmets and all)!

Clearly then, the military believes and therefore behaves as if we are at War!

It is unfortunate that the language of War seems to be the only language that the military are conversant in these days. But at the end of the day, whether we like it or not, we are, for lack of a better word, at War!

And who are the participants of this War?

Our supporters, the silent majority, now number in excess of 500,000. How do I know? Because the election results in favour of the deposed SDL government is absolute of proof of this.

The opposition. The military numbers about 3,000.

We fight with words. They fight with guns and bullets.

This means they can harm us physically, maybe even permanently. They might even try to kill us. But we represent FREEDOM. And freedom is an idea. It cannot be killed. It transcends and lives through us.

The army is no doubt aware that the "silent majority" is simmering at the continued unlawful actions by the military. The unwarranted killings. The unjustified removals of key personnel for key ministries and government statutory bodies. The continuous censorship of media and personal freedoms. The imposition of unjustified pay cuts and retirement age limits. The destruction of the tourism industry. The rise in nepotism and corruption. The appointment of failed politicians to replace proven ones. And the list goes on.

Some in Fiji don't want to rock the boat. They sit on the fence. They are happy to do nothing. They become complacent. They accept what happens around them and say "it doesn't concern me" until one day, it happens to someone they love or care about.

Others say that they are happy so long as they are not being hassled or imprisoned by the military.

I say such happiness is the most insidious prison of all.

Some of you have wives. Some of you have families. All of you have lives.

Consider each of them as you ask yourself this question, are they a part of the past, or are they a part of the future? If they are a part of the future then they, as you, must play your role in shaping the future of our beloved country.

You must stand up for your beliefs and be counted.

Freedom, after all is not free. It has price. It must be earned.

And finally to the proponents of 2006 coup, remember barking dogs seldom bite... but do you really want to take the chance!

God Bless Fiji.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Idiot of the Year Award

I know it may seem a little too early in the year to be handing out the IDIOT OF THE YEAR AWARD but I can't help it. We have so many potential winners out there…

…and the Nominees are:-

(1) FRANK B for promoting family values almost as much as he promotes family members.

Memorable quotes include:-

"This Army will protect the rights of all citizens of Fiji" (said just before they began a campaign of terror against the good citizens of Fiji);

"No one in the Army will benefit from this coup" (said just before he appointed himself Interim President and then Interim PM);

"My aim is to end corruption" (said just before he appointed his brother Timoci B as Census Commissioner).

(2) LEWENI (IG spin doctor and former military bandboy) for continuing to publicly comment on matters he has absolutely no knowledge on. Fiji's own Comical Ali.

Memorable quotes include:-

"We haven't really interfered with the media. All we have done with the media is getting them to report the truth."

"Human rights abuses in Fiji were relatively minor and international sanctions imposed after the recent coup have had little impact."

(3) SAYED KHAIYUM for making just about everyone else in the IG look like rocket scientists.

(4) COL. DRITI for being the IG's resident sadomasochist. Note however that rumours of his recent catfight with Frank B has upped his cool ratio with the general public, but not by that much.

(5) SHAISTA SHAMEEM for being the shyster that she is.

The ballots are in and the Winner is...