Monday, April 30, 2007

Sugar Industry Set to Crumble

Despite the magnanimous efforts of Mahen, Pramesh Chand and Khaiyum, their hidden agenda to secretly revive the ailing sugar industry in Fiji may have just come to a screeching halt!

Fiji Live reports that the EU has confirmed it will not give Fiji the $350m they had promised to the Qarase government.

Instead the illegal IG will now only receive $113m from the EU.

The EU has also confirmed it will reduce export prices and buy processed sugar from Fiji by up to 36 percent less by 2009.

How the sugar industry is expected to survive this (hydrogen) bombshell is beyond me.

I guess the IG is only now beginning to find out that the wages of political sin is economic death.

Nation-Wide Strike Looming

The Fiji Nursing Association has really taken the bull by the horns this time. See Fiji Times article "Nurses to go on strike".

The FNA General Secretary Kuini Lutua has confirmed that 80 percent of nurses (and this number is likely to go up at their upcoming AGM) have voted to go on strike against the arbitrary decisions of this dictatorial government.

A strike by nurses, she said, is now inevitable.

The FTA have indicated they will follow FNA and join the strike.

FPSA have previously confirmed they have an overwhelming mandate from its members to go on strike over these same issues.

The illegal IG is having some difficulty understanding (perhaps because of their lack of experience) what effect a prolonged nationwide strike can and will have on the ability of this government to function.

It seems that only experienced politicians can appreciate the effect of the threat by the Unions.

Bune is reportedly so worried about this whole strike saga that he is enlisting the help of former politicians and long time civil servants to try and talk to the Unions, particularly FPSA, to avert a strike.

The military of course is reportedly approaching this whole strike threat as if it was a mutiny by its soldiers.

We can't blame them really. They just don't know any better.

Soldiers are, afterall, trained in the use of weapons, not words.

But surely, the IG must realise that using the military to resolve a national strike is like using a bazooka to swat a fly.

We are hearing reports that the military top brass (or at least those few who are pro-King Bai supporters) are preparing for "battle" and have plans laid down to quash (with bloodshed if necessary) any attempt by Union members to gather in public during the strike period.

The military also intend to take in the organisers of the strike soon (before the strike) for a crash course on "following orders" and when the strike starts to enforce a complete media blackout on it so that the striking employees do not know whats happening.

The time for diplomacy is not yet gone, King Bai... but your time has surely come.

A clash between the downtrodden workers and a misinformed military following the illegal orders of an overpaid IG now not only seems imminent, but inevitable.

Perhaps, some patriotic soldiers will overthrow the good King Bai before the time comes for them to raise their arms against their own mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Major Ana is New Magistrate

Reliable sources have confirmed that Major Ana Rokomokoti is to be sworn in on Monday as a Magistrate!

Major Ana is currently one of the closest advisors to interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and King Bai.

Her appointment as Magistrate is made on the insistence of King Bai.

Where's the transparency in an appointment like this?

Is this not the height of corruption?

Missed The Point!

Comments by Dudley High School Manager Reverend William Lucas in the FT article titled "Students Barred From NZ Trip" is most unfortunate.

The good Reverend must understand that the purpose of NZ's smart sanctions is to discourage the military and IG from continuing to participate in the unlawful takeover of a democratically elected government.

The smart sanctions are intended to send a clear message to everyone who has played a role or continues to play a role in 5/12. That message is to cease your involvement in these unlawful acts or you and your family will suffer.

The intention is to force families of military personnel to convince their fathers and mothers in the military to oppose King Bai's unlawful actions.

If stopping a few children from travelling to NZ will help return Fiji to democracy, stop human rights violations and bring an end to our coup cycle, then surely it must be worth it!

The good Reverend needs to get his head out of his ass and see the bigger picture.

There are more important things at stake here than a school trip to NZ.

The smart sanctions are afterall intended secure a brighter democratic future for all the children of Fiji.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

King Bai in Deep Trouble!

FMF soldiers have now gotten over the initial "cowboy" phase of the 5/12 coup.

They have gotten over the thrill of carrying live weapons in public and scaring the living daylights out of innocent civilians.

They have gotten over the thrill of playing commando and wearing their full battle fatigues in public.

They have gotten over all that jazz and all they have left are unanswered questions.

Chief among those unanswered questions is - Why did we do it and what did we achieve?

Unfortunately, no straight answers are forthcoming from King Bai and his boys, Driti and Leweni.

No evidence of corruption has been put forward since 5/12.

NLTB now appears free of corruption and so too does FNFP.

Pre-coup allegations that Tailevu High Chief Rt Jope Seniloli was corruptly released under CSO now seems to be unfounded. King Bai's boy Khaiyum has now admitted, post-coup, that there was nothing unlawful about Rt Jope's release after all.

So its completely understandable that the good soldiers of FMF are now asking themselves - Then what the hell did we just overthrow this government for?

With no evidence of corruption, the only visible changes since 5/12 was that Bai declared himself King of Fiji. And, his friends and relatives were promoted to high government positions. This, after he promised the nation that neither he (and by extension his family) nor anyone one in the military would benefit from the coup!

So the good soldiers of FMF are asking themselves - Did we carry out this coup to install Bai as King or did we do it to weed out corruption?

Truth is they did it to weed out corruption (because that was what they were told), Bai did it to install himself King. Rt Epeli G supported Bai and became King Maker.

Together, the King and King Maker were able to control the investigations into the missing regimental funds (more than FJ$300,000) stolen by the King Maker many years ago.

Its not that complicated really. The driving force behind 5/12 coup was power, greed and self-presevation!

So now the good soldiers of FMF are beginning to find out the truth. And they are not happy. In fact, the majority of the officers and the rank and file they are pissed off.

Rumours are now circulating within QEB that another takeover is imminent.

This is not one of those "wishful thinking" rumours.

This one appears to have some credibility.

I understand that more than a few soldiers have being sent home by their commanding officers because they want to avoid unnecessary injury or death, like what happened on 2/11.

A takeover, I am told, is now unavoidable because King Bai, Driti and Leweni have gone beyond the point where most of the Fijian soldiers are willing to blindly follow.

It is rumoured that King Bai and Driti are well aware of their imminent overthrow as it is now the hot topic of conversation among the soldiers at QEB. I got this information directly from loyalist soldiers within QEB.

King Bai it seems is only now coming to grips with the reality that he does not have the full support of many his senior officers.

It has been confirmed that many of the soldiers at QEB are frustrated at King Bai's unFijian like behaviour and they don't like his treatment of their Chiefs in the GCC.

Rumours are spreading within QEB that King Bai and Driti are working overtime to keep the military propaganda machine running because that is now their only hope to keep the FMF from factionalising more than it already has.

Those rumours also suggest that King Bai, Driti and Leweni have now shut out Roko Lui from their inner circle because Roko Lui is now beginning to understand that the military is being used by Mahen, Pramesh, Rt Epeli G and various businessmen to further their own agendas. Roko Lui, in other words, is openly opposing King Bai and Driti.

So, prepare yourselves because the the bond of comradeship that used to bind the military together is now quickly becoming undone.

Very soon, King Bai will have to choose between abdicating his throne (and face going to jail forever - or at least until the cows come home) or ordering a bloody confrontation between his own troops (and face certain death).

Choose wisely dear King Bai... for this decision may be your last!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wrong Idea!

I feel compelled to comment on some of the complaints made by a blogger who recently wrote to RFC.

The blogger wrote:-
I'm afraid you are right in all you had said.

This coup is unfortunately Fijian vs Fijian. Sad but true.

Like every story there's two sides to everything and the military has been breaching some human rights laws BUT i must say that without this coup the truth would not have been revealed.....with the sad truth being, "We the beloved citizens of Fiji have for a long time been fooled by our own brothers and those Fijians in power in thinking that "the Indo-Fijians are the ones tricking us" NO IT"S THE FIJIANS.....Qarase, Weleilakeba, and a few other well-known Fijians in top posts have been the traitors all along!!!

When they get to a position of power they thirst for more and when they finally have the taste of what it's like to have ordinary people attending to their every whim they think don't stop!!

Forgeting about the very people that voted them in they work selfishly for their own selfish gains......and they call themselves leaders. Shame on them.Fijians line up outside the FNPF offices around the country only to be turned away numerously.........The money belongs to the people so why is it when people come to FNPF they are made to feel like they are borrowing someone elses money?

We Fijians need to stand up and see through all this treachory.
It's been too long and we should not tolerate it. And we call ourselves a so
called Christian nation.

If we are truly christians then there will be no such thing as "Indians", "Rotumans", "Chinese" etc. We'll all simply be people of Fiji. Sad to say that the very people who we see praising God on TV are the very ones creating racist policies etc. Where is the truth in that!!

They say that religion and politics don't mix but if we look at it deeply.....they do. Because in a christian state like ours if you are truly a man of God, then the goodness of God will be reflected by your actions!!

Okay, first, I want to know... are you on some kind of medication?

Your examples and your conclusions are so disconnected its a little unusual... to say the least!

Second, I always thought Qarase and his government made it clear from the beginning that they were acting in the best interests of the Fijian people.

Didn't they demonstrate their intentions by:-

(1) legislating that the majority of state land (all Schedule A and B land) be transferred to FAB for redistribution to the Fijians.

(2) trying to legislate the transfer to Fijians of all qoliqoli areas currently owned by the State, but were cut short from achieving this because of Bai's itch to become King of Fiji.

If the indigenous Fijians generally were the intended beneficiaries of Qarase's policies, then pray tell me, how on earth is that a "selfish" and power hungry act?

Your description seems to me to more accurately describe King Bai's actions rather than Qarase's. Afterall, Qarase didn't make himself King, Bai did.

Third, you seem to be saying that FNPF tellers failed to treat you properly when you went there and because of that, FNPF and the SDL government is corruptly trying to deny you your money.

Please, what the hell kind of fuzzy logic is that?

Don't you know that FPNF is supposed to make it difficult for you to access your funds. Its not your bloody Bank. It your retirement policy.

And how you conclude that the lack of customer service skills at FNPF has a direct nexus to, or is directly caused by, alleged corruption within the SDL-led government is beyond me.

Please do not be easily persuaded by people (usually pro-Bai supporters) who will try convince you to always accept the simplest explanation - corruption.

Learn to think things through carefully and you will be able see through the smoke screen created by the military and the IG.

Then only will you see the truth!

More Shadowy Figures Revealed!

I have received unconfirmed reports that Jim Ah Koy and another very prominent and former senior Government Minister visited King Bai at his stronghold at QEB only a few days before 5/12.

This was around the time LQ was preparing to go up to Naitasiri.

My sources tell me that apparently the whole reason for Jim and this former senior Government Minister's visit was to advise King Bai to please go ahead and overthrow Qarase's government, immediately.

It has taken me a few days to decide whether to publish the name of this other Minister, but I have decided against it. He remains afterall a very prominent politician and a statesman, and is still a close personal friend of Qarase.

Jimski of course has recieved his reward for his early support - He was recently appointed as Chairman of FTIB!

I can confirm Minister X has not yet been rewarded with any Government posting or Board appointment. This was an important factor in my decision not to name him, yet!

Minister X, if you happen to read this, I promise you I know who you are.

If you accept any reward from King Bai, be it a position in the interim Government or an unlawful appointment into any Board, I will publish your name on the same day your accept your "12 peices of silver" and everyone in Fiji, inlcuding your family and close friends, will know the extent of your betrayal!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

May Day, The Strike, The Effects!

I join the call by fellow freedom bloggers to stay home on 1st May.

I admit though my motives are personal.

You see I just don't like Baini Marama or his stooges. Losers. All of them!

The bottom line is, if you don't come to work en mass on 1st May, Bai's administration will not function properly for one day.

You can ask yourself, but what good will that do?

It will send a clear and unequivocal message to Baini Marama of the kind of trouble he and his unlawful government are likely to face in the event of a nationwide strike.

Reliable sources have confirmed that even hardened politicians like Bune and Mahen are getting really worried about what will happen if the whole country goes on strike for a prolonged period.

Remember, we are many. They are few.

And because we are many and they are few, we can decide our own fate and future.

We can decide who we want to govern us.

In fact, we have decided this in the last elections, but Bai and his cronies (the losers in that election) have taken that away from us by force of arms.

Now we decide again.

First we stay home on May Day!

Then we go on nationwide strike and cripple the economy.

We ignore calls by the military, the IG and their supporters that we should act rationally because thats what they should have done instead of carrying out 5/12.

When we do this, then only will we put the true loyalty of Bai's soldiers to the test!

FMF soldiers won't get their pay processed and their food won't be delivered. The soldiers will be forced to ask themsleves whether they are willing to continue to follow Baini Marama and his greedy self-serving friends.

Personally, I don't think Bai is capable of understanding the full implications of what a nationwide strike will do to his government.

He needs to get this message into his head because the mere threat of a strike is a little too abstract for his simple mind to comprehend.

He needs to see an actual example in order to understand the full implications of what he is facing - a popular revolt by the people against his unlawful regime.

So lets give him an example he won't forget.

Stay home on May Day and give him a taste of things to come if he does not return Fiji to democracy immediately!

Mahen's Agenda Surfacing?

Recent events are beginning to show that the contents of my earlier post "Mahen's True Agenda" are all true.

In this morning's Fiji Times, Mahen stated that he does not have the power to direct FIRCA to change its tax policy on Momi.

So now (in the middle of a coup) Mahen decides he wants to follow the law.

How very noble of him.

Truth be told however, Mahen has decided to follow the law this time (in the middle of a clean-up campaign which has carried out unprecedented breaches of the Constitution) because it will be in line with his personal agenda - to cripple the tourism industry.

How do we know this?

Because, we all know Mahen by now. He has the same "God Complex" as his pal Bai.

If he wants something done, he'll get it done.

His desperate efforts to get EU funding to revive Fiji's ailing sugar industry is proof positive that Mahen's has every intention of seeing to it that in a few years, Fiji will once again be completely reliant on sugar (and political power will return once again to Fiji's canebelts - Mahen's electoral powerbase).

Mahen's determined effort to get EU funding for sugar and his lack of enthusiasm to protect tourism developers like Momi is absolute proof of what he is trying to do.

But, why don't the military see this?

The military claims they are working very hard to bring an end to racial politics, but if Mahen succeeds, then the military will have helped him achieve just the opposite.

Mahen is using the military to force Fiji at gunpoint to accept policies that will thwart economic diversification, discourage tourism development (beneficial to indigenous Fijians as resource owners) and encourage the revival of sugar industry (dominated by Indian growers).

I ask the Military Think Tank to consider this - What do you think will happen when the landowners who stood to gain from leases and other commercial benefits from these hotels developments lose everything?

What do you think these landowners will say when they realise that that the same person engineering the destruction of their source of income is the same person engineering the revival of the Indian dominated sugar industry.

Do the military really want to be known as having helped Mahen achieve his goals?

Please look more closely into the long term benefits of his policies.

Don't get dazzled by his explanations.

If you think you're out of your league and cannot run this country. Admit you're wrong and return to the camp, so we can put qualified people in there.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Rabuka Agenda!

Over the past few months, former PM Sitiveni Rabuka has become the IG's self-appointed advisor.

Every important decision that Bai and the IG need to make is given the once over by Rabuka who then gives his 2 cents worth through the media. No one really knows whether Bai takes any notice of Rabuka's advice but most seem to be in support of Bai's initiatives.

Bai can do this... Bai can do that!

Bai can do anything he wants because he's the King of Fiji. I know I did in 87... when I was King!

But what does Rabuka really want?

Does he want to be nominated for VP?

That might be a problem. The chiefs don't trust him, and he might have to knuckle up with Rt Epeli Nailatikau because Bai's adamant this position is going to his pal Nailatikau... come what may!

So does he want to lead the FMF again?

No doubt, this will give him all the authority he needs to ignite the Fijian cause and "synergise" this with his personal agenda - more money, more power, more girls in sleazy hotel rooms.

But here too, he's bound to face some problems.

Most of the soldiers don't trust him and Bai certainly is not just going to roll over and hand power over to Rabuka - Bai knows he'll be deprived of his security detail and will be dead within the week!

Maybe Rabuka is cleverly trying to fan the flames of Fijian anger and pit Fijian civillians against Fijian soldiers by playing on Bai's recent moves to replace the GCC membership. Afterall, he did say this will leave Fijians "chiefless."

Sorry Rabuka, the Fijians are not going in to battle against fellow Fijians to serve the interests of a few greedy men (and women). The soldiers at Delainabua are just begining to figure this out and one day soon, Bai will be overthrown by his own people.

Whatever his actions, Rabuka's agenda is almost always predictibly for Rabuka.

His actions, though may seem overtly benevolent, always have a componet that will see him gain in power, status and wealth.

Streets Safer With Checkpoints?

Recent comments by the current President of the Fiji Retailers Association - Himmat Lodhia - that the military checkpoints are a good thing and should be returned and retained is the height of selfishness.

Lodhia obviously was not thinking about the many thousands of people inconvenienced by the slow progress of traffic at these checkpoints as they make their way to work every morning.

He obviously was not thinking about the negative publicity we were generating by having armed soldiers on the streets.

He obviously was not thinking about what this negative publicity was having, and is continuing to have, on our tourism industry.

He obviously was not thinking about the scores of women drivers who were victims of verbal harassment and sexual taunting every time they happened to pass through a military checkpoint on their own in the middle of the night. One particular checkpoint near Domain (quite close to Bai house) was one of the worst offenders.

He obviously was not thinking about the hundreds of thousands of Fiji citizens who do not want their children exposed to guns and violence and becoming comfortable with the reality of coups.

He obviously was not thinking about the hundreds of thousands of Fiji citizens who were glad to see the absence of military personnnel at checkpoints and who oppose any suggestion of their return.

Lodhia obviously was not thinking about anyone but himself.

He also reportedly stated the people generally feel safer when the military makes its presence felt.

Do they really?

Then why is it that every time a soldier in uniform enters a crowded room in Fiji, he is met with hostile looks and pin drop silence.

Himmat Lodhia is just like every other self-serving coup-supporter who thinks of his pockets first and the greater needs of his countrymen second.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Bai's Comment

In response to the EU conditions, Baini Marama said today:-

''The agreed commitments on the respect for democratic principles, rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms and follow up commitments are very much in line with the offer Fiji had made as part of its submissions for the consultations.''

Wait a minute. Did Baini Marama just say that his regime is committed to respecting democratic principles and the rule of law?

Then what the hell was 5/12?

And did he just say his regime was committed to respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms?

Come on Bai. Who are you trying to kid?

We still live under a state of emergency created by you.

People who speak out against you are still being taken in to QEB for "inciting" (although nowadays its done quietly so that the media doesn't get wind of it).

The military is still stopping LQ from coming to Suva to fight his case.

Lawyers who try to commence legal challenges against you are still being threatened.

The murder of innocent civillians by the military is being swept under the carpet.

Members of statutory boards are still being replaced without any explanation.

Just a few days ago, you and Driti were one step away from declaring war against the combined forces of USA, UK, Australia and NZ.

You can try to hoodwink the EU (although I don't think you'll succeed), but all the good people of Fiji know that your statement is as empty as your Government's coffers.

Please Baini Marama, just tell it like it is.

By the way, I found an old picture of you and Mahen in your younger days. Don't try to deny it!

Bai's Way Or The Highway!

Vinaka vakalevu Bubu for posting this propoganda pic of Baini Marama on your blog (

The Look Of A Worried Man!

The eyes tell the story.

This my good people is what a worried man looks like.

This is the look of man in fear for his very life and the life of his family.

Bai, you should have known better than to frak with the Great Council of Chiefs. O sa coqa tiko na matani moto qori!

Bai's only hope was to get the $350 million from EU. His government has no more money.

Bai had hoped his No. 1 team would have told the EU like it is, but when they got there, his No. 1 team got their collective asses handed back to them on a platter... yes it was a silver one!

EU's non-negotiable conditions for the release of funds include:-

- elections by March 2009

- suitable road map by June 30 2007

- appointing of VP in accordance with the Constitution

- upholding of every facet of the Constitution, including human rights, freedom of expression and independence and integrity of the judiciary

- go back to the camp and stay there

- bring back the GCC and respect their independence

- lift the Public Emergency Regulations, and

- no more of this crap about invoking the doctrine of necessity

In other words, if Bai wants his money he has to swallow his pride and reverse everything he's done over the past few months.

He's already started by diplomatically apologising to the US for wrongly directing the removal of the barricades at Loftus Street.

But that's not enough, Bai.

I imagine there will be more grovelling in the coming weeks. Just try to read between the lines and you will see a very remorseful Bai... quick with the mouth but a little slow in the head!

Stay tuned.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Bai Effect

Ever since Bai became the Commander of the FMF, he has managed to ruin the good name and reputation of the FMF, nationally and internationally.

Before Bai, the FMF's reputation as a professional outfit, particularly in peacekeeping duties, gave the people of Fiji something to be proud of.

The green uniform could be worn by Fiji soldiers in public with pride and the members of the public would show respect and reverence for the once great institution.

In the few short years that Bai has held office as Commander, the image and reputation of the FMF has deteriorated badly.

Nowadays, the public either fear them or hate them intensely, or both.

There is no more respect for those that wear the "green" or "white" uniform.

The international community has turned its back on the FMF and the UN continue to hire them only because they need them.

Now that he's done destroying the good reputation of the FMF, Bai has assumed actual power of the country and begun his campaign to destroy the good reputation of our beloved Fiji Islands.

He has isolated Fiji from the rest of the world and is now destroying all the institutions and values that we hold dear.

All under the guise of "cleaning-up" up non-existent corruption.

Will someone please put this madman down!

Army Outbursts

Ever since 5/12, Bai and his cronies in the army have been making some really wild statements in the media.

Bai has personally threatened and insulted journalists, politicians, chiefs, foreign diplomats, foreign ministers and even foreign prime ministers.

Driti has directly insulted and threatened the ambassadors, and by extension the governments, of the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Bai has called the NZ Prime Minister and Foreign Minister liars and has barred them, and the Prime Minister of Australia entry into Fiji.

Bai has called the members of the Great Council Chiefs a bunch of drunkards who need to go and sit and drink home brew under a mango tree.

These outbursts are almost always a knee-jerk reaction to sensationalised media reports. They are always arrogant, aggressive and unjustified.

Bai and Driti have explained that their outbursts are the result of pure frustration at the "war of words" being waged against them by journalists, NGOs, foreign governments and organisations.

Personally, I think they are frustrated because they are only now just realising that they really don't know much about what it takes to run a country. It was always easier for them to criticise the government from the outside, but its a whole lot different when you're in the drivers seat.

Perhaps then, they should now admit that they have neither the experience, diplomacy or patience to run a country like Fiji.

As Sitiveni Livani aptly stated in his letter to the editor today (FT 19/04/07):-

At the end of the day soldiers are trained in the use of weapons, diplomats are trained in the use of words.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mahen's True Agenda - The Root Cause of Our Problems

Mahendra Chaudhary's personal goal is to weaken Fiji's reliance on the tourism industry.

How does he intend to do this?

Well, he convinces the interim PM (who is really too stupid to know any better) that hotel developers are making millions of dollars in profit and only a small part of this is being realised by the Fiji government.

He and Pramesh Chand then hoodwink Bai into agreeing to implement policies that they say are aimed at recovering some of this wealth from the hotel developers.

Bai of course sees the wisdom in this because if theres one thing he knows, its that his Government's coffers are empty.

What Bai, in his unfathomable ignorance, does not realise is that the policies suggested by Mahen and Pramesh are in fact aimed at scaring away potential hotel developers.

Once Bai agrees, Mahen and Pramesh implement their policies through the Finance Ministry and FIRCA. Sometimes, more direct action is taken, like when Mahen used his boys Felix and Urai to do the dirty work at Natadola.

But what is the purpose of this exercise, you might ask?

In short, Mahen and Pramesh want to implement a policy of Indianisation in Fiji.

Mahen is not being racist, although he will gladly play the race card if it suits him.

He is just being a politician, and a very shrewd one at that.

What he really wants is to revive Fiji's dependence on sugar.

Why? Because 98 percent of sugarcane growers in Fiji are Indians.

Their grievances (ranging from expiring leases to expiring sugar protocols) will always be a source of employment for a fighter like Mahen.

In other words, in order to keep his job, Mahen needs Fiji to rely more on sugar and less on tourism.

If Fiji diversifies, like everyone is saying it should, then Mahen will lose control of his electoral powerbase (the sugarcane belts) and will have to return to being a Trade Unionist, if they'll have him back.

Long term, Mahen is not doing this for himself. Afterall, he is getting by in years.

He is doing it for his son and heir apparent, Rajendra Chaudhary.

So you see, Mahen has hoodwinked us all.

He has whispered sweet nothing into Bai's ears, and Bai, whether by some misplaced sense of patriotism or just pure lunacy (or greed), has believed Mahen and allowed the Ministry of Finance to spearhead the destruction of Fiji's only money making industry - tourism. An industry where it is the indigenous Fijians, who for once, reap the benefits.

When the dust finally settles, Fiji will find itself without tourism as a major money earner. And, now that Gold is in doubt, we will have no choice but to turn once again to sugar, just as Mahen and Pramesh had planned it.

When that happens the good old days of Indian dominance in national politics will return in full force.

Whenever Mahen wants something done, the sugarcane growers will hold the national economy to ransom by threatening to go on strike.

When this finally happens, Bai, Epeli Ganilau, Leweni and Roko Lui and other key military officers will be left scratching their heads wondering what the hell just happened?

They will of course all have their 12 pieces of sliver in their pockets because that was their goal.

But they will never fully appreciate just how Mahen was able use their greed to hijack the country and how he used Fijian soldiers to overthrow a Fijian Government to do it.

Bai and his greedy bunch must be ruing the day when FMF soldiers finally realise what it really means to continue to follow the orders of these self-serving military leaders.

In the short term, it will mean new 4x4s and big houses for the pro-Bai officers and small pay increases and promotions for the rank and file.

It will mean the dawn of a new age for Fiji where we are completely reliant on sugar (ie. Mahen's goodwill) for our very survival.

It will mean the destruction of the GCC and all the traditional values we, as Fijians, hold dear.

And most of all, it will mean our slow but sure demise, spiritually, culturally and economically.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Non-Transparency International Fiji?

Hari Pal Singh is a well known businessman in Fiji.

In his spare time, he is also one of those sneaky bastards deeply involved in the planning and implementation of 5/12. Yes, one of those "shadowy figures" former Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes was always talking about.

What is most disturbing about this revelation is that Hari Pal Singh is also the current Chairman of Transparency International Fiji.

TI Fiji's vision is:-

A Fiji that is free of corruption and with a strong and sustainable National Integrity Sysytem.

Its mission is:-

To eradicate corruption in Fiji by mobilising stakeholders to promote and strengthen Fiji's National Integrity System.

Admiral statements indeed.

But, very hollow when you consider that the Board of TI Fiji is actually chaired by a person widely known to be one of Bai's greatest supporters.

Its no wonder TI Fiji hasn't made any public condemnations about the deteriorating integrity of the IG, nationally and internationally.

There have been no condemnations about the growing nepotism in the IG.

There has not even been a single comment from TI Fiji about the so called Army Complaints Centre, which is quickly turning into a cesspool of corruption.

My sources say that officially, TI Fiji does not want to get involved in Fiji politics.

Imagine that! An NGO and political pressure group now conveniently choosing to be apolitical.

We don't have to be part of TI Fiji to know that "transparency" is about the eradication by public exposure of dishonest and shady actions and decisions by self-serving government officials and public figures hell-bent on enriching themselves.

TI Fiji's own Mission Statement necessitates their involvement in Fiji's politics.

It is an unavoidable fact that to achieve their purpose, TI Fiji must speak up publicly against the self-serving decisions of Bai and his IG.

Afterall, TI Fiji certainly wasn't shy about taking sides when it was criticizing the SDL government for their controversial Qoliqoli and RTUC Bills. Or was that done only serve the personal interests of its Chairman, ie. sucking up to Bai.

Why the silence now?

Why has there been no condemnation of recent appointments of Bai's family, friends, colleagues and supporters (including Hari Pal Singh himself who was recently confirmed Rewa Rice Chairman as a reward for his continuing support for Bai and the IG) .

Hari Pal Singh's close association with Pramesh Chand (one of the biggest benefactors of the coup and known 5/12 plotter) should also be looked into.

By continuing to retain its self-serving Chairman, TI Fiji is quickly losing all credibility as Fiji's watchdog against corruption.

Reliable sources have confirmed this is exactly why Richard Naidu resigned in disgust from TI Fiji.

Hari Pal Singh should do the right thing and resign as Chairman. And, if he doesn't and if the remaining directors do nothing, TI Fiji will lose what little credibility it has left.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sayed Khaiyum's Girlfriend Favours?

Reliable sources have confirmed that while interim AG, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, was Colonial's General Manager Legal, his girlfriend was (upon his recommendation) appointed to the position of Manager Legal (ie. his immediate sub-boss), even though she is not a qualified lawyer.

Late last week, the Girlfriend resigned from Colonial to join none other than the newly established Anti-Corruption Unit, again on Khaiyum's recommendation.

Perhaps, Khaiyum just wants his girl close to him. I don't know.

My sources say that as she was leaving, she wanted to take several Colonial files with her.

Her bosses thought she was overstepping her mark and aptly refused telling her to piss off because the files were company property - and they were right!

My source then tells me that a short time later, two military trucks arrived at Colonial's HQ and armed soldiers stormed the premises and demanded the release of the files.

Needless to say, the poor Colonial staff could do nothing as the soldiers ransacked the place and removed the files.

I am now begining to wonder if Fiji's Anti-Corruption Unit is actually the interim IG's New Gestapo Unit.

They certainly are acting like it!

Under normal times, abuse of power like this would have attracted a corruption investigation. But now that it is being done by the same people charged with weeding out and ending corruption, it seems more and more like we've just given the keys to the hen house to the foxes!

Rt Epeli Bankrupt?

Reliable sources have confirmed that the only reason why Rt Epeli Ganilau was sworn in after the other interim cabinet ministers is because he had a Bankruptcy Case to deal with.

It seems that Rt Epeli was very eager to join the ranks of the interim regime (now looking more like a "permanent" administration) because he badly needed the money.

However, he couldn't make the swearing in because the Bankruptcy Case was still pending.

Fortunately for him, an Indian businessman and big supporter of 5/12 paid off his debts on the day of swearing in thus paving the way for one the greatest idiots of time to take office!

But it seems this is not the end of the story.

It is widely known that Rt Epeli owes a lot more people alot more money, even his Bankers are reportedly frustrated at the way he sidesteps his responsibities.

Reliable sources have now confirmed that Rt Epeli Ganilau is the only cabinet minister, ever, to demand "cash payment" of his fortnightly salary from Government.

It seems the incumbant Fijian Affairs Minister is worried that the people he owes money to may try to take his pay if it should be paid directly into his Westpac Bank Account.

Please Epeli Ganilau, if you can't pay your debts don't borrow the money!

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Heat Is On

Reliable sources have confirmed that Mahen and Bune are openly bickering at the cabinet meetings of the interim IG.

No effort is made to hide their disgust for one another and this is causing some concern for the remaining members of the interim cabinet.

Chief amongst their concerns is what will happen when Bai gives up his PMship and returns to the camp.

All indications are that neither Mahen or Bai will accept being deputy to the other.

Mahen was particularly peeved when Bune got the Public Enterprise portfolio.

Bune seems to like rubbing his small victories in Mahen's face.

In short, all is not well on the western front!

Conflicting Interests

I have recently been informed that Roko Lui is a shareholder in Niranjan.

If this is true (and it is very easy to confirm), it means that Roko Lui's involvement in the decision by the military and interim IG to rent so many vehicles from Niranjan has the makings of a scandal to rival the agriculture scam.

How much money does Niranjan stand to make from governmental and military rentals of the vehicles. Some estimates say it may well run itno the millions.

How much of this will be paid as dividends to Roko Lui?

How much went into Bai's pocket?

The corruption continues.

More to come once these reports are verified.

Interim AG

A reliable source from Colonial has confirmed that interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum was on the verge of being sacked for incompetence at the time he decided to accept the "call for national service".

This goes a long way to explaining why the guy appears so incompetent as AG.

This also explains why he insists on surrounding himself with expat and army lawyers to advise him on matters an AG is already supposed to know.

And what exactly do these expat and army lawyers know about running a country?

Its no wonder the quality of Bai's legal advice is so bad.

Well Bai. You chose him. At least now you can say... sa baleti au ga!.

GCC Suspension - Wheres the Law Society?

Bai's decision to suspend further meetings of the GCC may be his most stupid one yet.

It begs the question who the hell is advising him?
Could it be that the advice is coming from the two NZ expat lawyers consulting the interim AG? Why are they here?

Why hasn't the Fiji Law Society done anything about this.

Bai's decision to suspend the GCC because it did not endorse his, ahh sorry the President's nomination for VP is wrong, morally and legally.

Furthermore, his announcement that the President will now go ahead and appoint the VP without GCC endorsement is contrary to the provisions of section 92(1) of the Contitution.
Section 92(1) states:-
92(1) If the office of Vice-President becomes vacant, the President nominates for Vice-President another person who is eligible to become Vice-President and that person becomes Vice-President if the nomination is supported by the Bose Levu Vakaturaga.
Clearly, if a VP is chosen without GCC endorsement, it will be a breach of section 92(1). I don't have to be a lawyer to see this.

Who then is going to take Bai to task.

I always thought that the FLS was our last hope - the guradians of the law in Fiji.

Didn't their member take an oath to uphold the law (and isn't the Constitution the highest form of law in Fiji)?

The actions (or rather inaction) of the FLS in these difficult and trying times will define the way society views lawyers for many years to come. Moreover, it will define how lawyers will view themselves.

If they do nothing, the FLS and its members will be regarded for all time as the ones who dropped the ball and let the legal system breakdown.

The Courts cannot initiate the challenges.
It is up to the members of the legal fraternity to do this.
The people of Fiji are relying on you lawyers.

It is time for lawyers to stop taking from society and perform their civic duty.

Certain members of the legal fraternity like Tupou Draunidalo, Richard Naidu and Tevita Fa are doing their bit and giving us hope that this illegal regime will be held accountable for their unlawful actions.
They may not all be SDL supporters, but they are all true guardians of the law.

I remember a time when the FLS was very vocal and even prepared to go to Court to challenge some of the SDL's more contraversial legislative initiatives.

But now, their silence is deafening.

Bai is ripping the Constitution to shreds and turing Fiji into his own personal dictatorship and the FLS is sitting there and doing nothing.

Please Mr Devanesh Sharma:-

(1) write to your NZ counterpart and enquire why they have two members assisting an illegal regime here in Fiji;

(2) take out an action to challenge the legality of the takeover;

(3) offer to sue the interim regime on behalf of the GCC.

Do something. Do anything.

Just don't sit there in silence and hope no one will notice.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Correction on Driti

Driti has not resigned as earlier posted on this blog.

The error is regretted.

It has been reported on Fiji Live that Driti addressed the contingent of Fiji soldiers leaving for Iraq on 23 April.

He then made a statement that the ambassadors of USA, UK and Australia tried to get him to overthrow Bai shortly before the coup.

Driti then threatened to close the embassies of Australia and New Zealand if should "ever come in to power someday".

He said maybe he should have this as his goal and he hopes the governments of Australia and New Zealand are listening.

Does this mean Driti has designs on the Commander's job?
No wonder Bai is having difficulty sleeping at night.

Bai Bewildered?

The comments by Bai on Fiji Times Online today are a real gem.

Bai said that he was "bewildered" by the GCC decision to reject the President's nomination for Vice President.

Initially, I was myself bewildered that Bai used the word "bewildered".

I'm sure he said it.

I'm not so sure he can pronounce it.

I'm absolutley sure he can't spell it.

But he seems to know what it means, so... we'll let it go.

Then, we ask ourself, should Bai really be "bewildered" that the GCC rejected his, ahh sorry the President's nomination.

A few short months ago, Bai was renouncing the GCC saying:-

"If the GCC committee and their advisers cannot meet the military's demands, then they should meet under a mango tree and enjoy home brew."
Now he is saying Rt Epeli is being unfairly:-

"penalised and crucified for having responded to a genuine call of national service"
Come on Frankie, thats a load of crap and you know it!

We just had a general election. We already chose those who we wanted for national service and it did not include Epeli Nailatikau, Epeli Ganilau, Bernadett Ganilau or any other Nailatikaus or Ganilaus or other candidates from the National Alliance Party of Fiji.

But some how they all seem to have found their way into your lineup!

You self-serving bunch of hyprocrites!

Bai, I can only hope that one day your soldiers will wise up to the fact that you are using them to advance your own personal agenda.

And just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber, you go and make a comment like this:-

''We need to rise above our narrow personal agrendas and make decisions for the greater good of the country as a whole.''
I rest my case.

GCC Rejects Nomination

Yesterday, the GCC rejected the nomination by the President of a new Vice President.

The President had nominated current interim Foreign Minister, Rt Epeli Nailatikau.

The relevant law which governs the nomination/appointment of a new Vice President is section 92(1) of the 1998 Fiji Constitution.

That section provides:-

92(1) If the Office of the Vice President becomes vacant, the President nominates for Vice President another person who is eligible to become Vice President and that person becomes Vice President if the nomination is supported by the Bose Levu Vakaturaga.

It is clear a Vice President cannot be appointed without the endorsement or support of the BLV.

What is not clear is why the BLV rejected the nomination.

There are strong indications that the Chiefs of Kubuna and Burebasaga felt strongly that Rt Epeli was not an "eligible" candidate.

It is said that Rt Epeli was considered ineligible because he had accepted a position in the "illegal interim regime".

He was also considered ineligible because it is widely known amongst the Chiefs (and common people alike) that, despite his denials, Rt Epeli Nailatikau together with Rt Epeli Ganilau, Adi Koila Mara and a few other self-serving leaders, were behind the December 5 Coup which ousted the democratically elected SDL government only a few short months after its landslide victory at the polls.

A victory made possible by overwhelming support (approximately 95%) of indigenous Fijians.

It is also common knowledge that the military and Rt Epeli Ganilau are behind the President's nomination.

Yesterday's rejection by the Chiefs of Kubuna and Burebasaga is therefore an unprecedented slap in the face for the military and is by far its most humilating defeat todate.

It is also a clear indication of the shifting loyalties within the Matanitu Tovata. Perhaps if the Tui Cakau were allowed to attend the GCC meeting, the opposition to the nomination would have been unanimous.

I have no doubt that the Chiefs of Kubuna and Burebasaga intended no disrespect whatsoever to His Excellency The President. But, we can all be sure that the underlying message from the GCC is as clear as day.

The GCC supports the President but does not appreciate or condone the military's involvement in the President's decisions. The interim regime is illegal and its decisions are by extension also illegal. Particupation in the interim regime is strongly discouraged.

The President's Office is now out of legal options.

The two NZ consultants working for the interim AG must be racking their brains trying to find a way to push forward the nomination anyway.

Rt Epeli Ganilau has even suggested "throwing out" troublesome chiefs then having the BLV reconsider the nomination.

But the reality is the President must now make another nomination.

For the sake of our country, this time please choose wisely.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

P Driti Resignation?

There are strong rumours out there that P Driti has resigned from the Military following a series of very vocal and sometimes physical disagreements with Frank B at Delainabua over some of his (and his IG's) recent policies and appointments.

Rumours are that P Driti is unhappy that the boys in "white" are benefiting from this coup more than the boys in "green".

Some say P Driti wants an equal share of the spoils of war between green and white.

Other rumours seem to suggest that P Driti is pissed off with Frank B's recent policy initiatives and thinks he is being controlled and manipulated by Mahen and Parmesh Chand.

According to rumours, P Driti believes both men have a concealed personal and policital agenda quite different from the Military's (purported) objectives.

Rumours are also circulating that late last week the military had set up strategic road blocks around Suva because they were looking for P Driti, who apparently had pulled out his weapon in the heat of an arguement with Frank B late last week.

There are also strong rumours that Roko Lui is miffed at being passed over for VP in favour of Rt Epeli Nailatikau and is throwing a tantrum at Delainabua to express his disappointment.

It appears then that all is not well within the officers ranks at Delainabua.

Perhaps a change in leadership is now warranted?

Fiji Sevens Win

Congratulations to Serevi and the boys on their incredible win against a strong Samoa side in Adelaide on Sunday evening.

Fiji salutes you all and we thank you for giving us some hope and happiness especially during these difficult times in our country's history.

Lets hope Frank B (or his puppet IG) will be gracious enough not try to "coup" the credit for the hard-earned victory from the boys.

The boys worked hard for it.

They deserved it.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bainimarama v United States of America

It never ceases to amaze me just how stupid our interim PM Army Commander Frank Bainimarama can be.

This is exactly the reason why we need to vote in our leaders.

Our leaders need to go through the usual selection process so that we can weed out the intelligent ones from the "blockheads".

Threatening the US Ambassador, and by extension the US Government, is childish and best and at worst, most dangerous.

Fortunatley for us, the Amercians are sensible enough to recognise these thinly veiled threats for what they really are - the desparate ramblings of a madman whose feelings have been injured because he was refused a visa!

How much more petty and immature can the Commander be!

A good leader would not put his men in harms way just because his bloated ego has been cut down to size.

A good leader would swallow his pride and express respect but regret for the decision taken by the Americans.

The US afterall is a soveriegn country and they can deny entry to anyone they damn well please.

Frank B must remember that in the end, we all reap what we sow ("sa baleti au ga")

He is continuing to show his true colours and is exhibiting none of the qualities of true leader.

The selfish little boy from Raiwaqa is leaving no doubt in people's minds that he does not have the patience, intelligence, diplomacy or experience to run our beloved country.

Please Frank B, go back to the barracks... and stay there!