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Sorry Allen You're Wrong - Again!

In response to Mere Samisoni's letter (see letter here), Allen had this to say in today's Fiji Times:-

Maybe Mere Samisoni (FT 14/5) didn't read my letter right.

I said if the clean-up was justified, only then should someone from the SDL party apologise.

And the army had better hurry up with the evidence because its credibility is at stake.

Sorry Allen, Mere Samisoni did read your letter correctly, as did everyone else in Fiji.

You did say:-

At the end of the day (when investigations are completed by the clean-up campaign and the coup justified) I hope someone from the former government will be brave enough to stand up and say "I'm sorry'' to the people of Fiji.

Theres a whole world of difference between what you think you said and what you actually said.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Military Justice

Yesterday, the Ministry of Home Affairs confirmed that the Public Emergency Regulations will not be reviewed; ie it will not be lifted.

An official statement was then issued by the Ministry to the EU obviously aimed at explaining (ie. hoodwinking) the EU into believing the IG's actions are justified.

I don't know much about international politics and diplomacy but I would hope that the EU will recognise the deceptive purpose of that statement and will act accordingly.

I would hope also that the EU will not, in the general scheme of international politics, try to trade off the rights and freedoms of hundreds of thousands of Fiji citizens for favours (of the peacekeeping sort) from this military controlled junta.

The military are already running this country like its their own private club and the people of Fiji really don't want the international community to fund that anymore!

The statement by the IG to the EU is a complete fabrication of what is actually going on in Fiji and I hope the EU can see that.

One particular statement by the IG caught my eye. The junta said:-
…they would continue to uphold the principles of justice, dialogue, collective bargaining and the process of dispute settling machinery available to all parties who subscribe to it.

I realise this was intended to refer to the impending strikes by the Unions, but…"continue to uphold the principles of justice"?

Are they serious?

Does this military backed IG actually think it can say these words just days after its henchmen in the military unlawfully detained, tortured and humiliated a local businessman (in violation of almost every convention on human rights)… and be believed?

What exactly does "justice" mean to the IG (and its idiot AG)?

Or more pertinently, what does it mean to the military?

Put another way, what does military justice mean in relation to our general understanding of the word?

I think Groucho Marx summed up the answer to this quite well:-
Military justice is to justice what military music is to music.

No Security Threat!

In response to this national security issue, a blogger said...
This strikes me as an extremely non-transparent way to do things - especially when they are so politicized themselves,and they give absolutely no details on what the particular threat is.

I understand the need for secrecy, but for example, even Dept of Homeland security gives some details of the possible threats they are facing. Also, they have degrees and extent of alert (yellow, orange, red etc. at burrough, city, county, state etc.) depending on the type and possibility of threat they believe they face. But these guys just have a blanket decree with no details.

They don't give any credible explanation on how the blogsites post a threat to security, and we just have to assume they know what they're talking about, despite the fact that all the really highly trained and excellent officers from Waqanisau to Tarakinikini to Seruvakula to Rabukawaqa have already left the army.

Last month, I heard second hand from someone right inside HQ that there really wasn't any security threat as of March, and that they military was just using the Decree as a cover for their micro-management of political opposition to the regime, and as the platform to "ensure" the success of their "mission" (whatever that is/was).

Finally, even if there is a credible security threat now, the army has abandoned its primary role as the final guarantor of law and order in favour of trying to "leap frog" over all the other security organs and mechanisms, to try and achieve all its goals through "intelligence" and espionage.

But their real role is to physically interdict and security problems which have already and clearly gotten too out of hand for the courts or the police or the politicians to handle.

Instead, the army has ridden roughshod over all of that in their frantic effort to punish "crimes" that haven't even been committed yet, if at all.

And we can see the results with the wrongful detention and harassment of Taoi and Digitaki.

Monday, May 14, 2007

National Security

The military needs to explain to the people of Fiji why they feel that there is a continued threat to the "national security" of Fiji.

They do afterall have all the guns and - according to them - some of the finest soldiers in the world.

They also need to explain to the people of Fiji exactly what national security means to them so we can appreciate why they think its imperative to keep the Public Emergency Decree in play.

According to wikipedia, national security refers to the need to maintain the survival of the nation state through the use of economic, political and military power. And sometimes, through the exercise of diplomacy.

Although national security measures are imposed to protect society as a whole, such measures will necessarily tend to restrict the rights and freedoms of individuals.

The concern is that in cases where the exercise of state or military power in the name of national security is not subject to good governance, the rule of law or strict checks and balances, there is a very real risk that "national security" may simply serve a pretext for suppressing unfavourable political and social views.

Taken to its logical conclusion, this view contends that measures which may ostensibly serve a national security purpose (such a mass surveillance, intimidation and detentions and censorship of mass media) could ultimately lead to a police or military state.

In Fiji, the continued extensions to the Public Emergency Decree has raised two questions in the minds of ordinary citizens – to what extent, for the sake of national security, should individual's rights and freedoms be restricted and can the restrictions of civil rights for the sake of national security be justified?

King Bai, Driti and Leweni need to look deep into their souls to find the answers to these questions.

They must know by now that the seemingly innocuous decision to keep extending the Public Emergency Decree one more month is in reality severely affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

People are losing their jobs and their ability to put food on the table - all in the name of "national security".

I sincerely hope the military top brass are willing to accept the consequences of their actions (in this world and in the next) if it turns out they were wrong about this.

Mere Samisoni Tells It Like It Is!

Mere Samisoni wrote this Letter to the Editor (FT 13/05/07):-

Allen Lockington often makes keen observations and insightful comments on issues of interest in Fiji. His letter (FT 8/5) was not one of those times.

Specifically, his comment that there wouldn't have been a coup if the SDL party was performing as expected is fundamentally flawed.

First, this is the same kind of argument used by ignorant chauvinists to try and blame rape on the rape victim. Remember, Mr Lockington, it is the perpetrator who commits the crime, not the victim.

Second, whose expectations weren't we performing to? Can a government and nation be turned upside down just because we don't perform to the expectations of a small band of officers who don't know their constitutional, moral and professional roles and jurisdictions?

Finally, if we truly weren't performing to the expectations of the people of Fiji, all they have to do is vote us out.

They could have done that either on the floor of Parliament through a no-confidence motion, at the next polls or even in court if they had evidence.

As it is, the SDL was clamouring for the election to be held as soon as possible so the people can have the chance to have their say.

We do not fear the voice of the people, because we know they are not dumb as to fall for lies concocted without credible evidence against us at the moment.

By contrast, it is the interim Government and its political allies who are doing all they can to come up with lame excuses to avoid early elections.

What are they afraid of?

So the SDL Party does not need to apologise to anyone as we did not do anything wrong.

This is borne out of the fact that the military and the interim Government have only been able to come up with four types of evidence so far since the takeover:

No evidence,

Circumstantial evidence,

Concocted evidence, and

Evidence that was being processed through normal channels.

Since none of the first three are credible or admissible in court and the fourth would have been dealt with anyway, I put it to Mr Lockington that it is not the SDL Party but Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and his co-conspirators who need to apologise to the nation for trampling on our rights and freedom with their expensive, waste-time coup.

HnC thanks Allen Lockington for drawing our attention to this letter. I guess Lockington is not afraid of a little bit of constructive critisim. Good on ya mate!

HnC can also confirm that the seemingly evasive answer given by Qarase on Close Up (when asked about Rajesh Singh's sacking) was in fact his repsonse to a completely different question which Fiji TV asked him over the phone earlier that day.

Want to talk about irresponsible reporting. There it is!

Fiji TV made it appear as though Qarase was responding live when in fact Fiji TV had recorded the conversation earlier that day, cooked the responses and replayed only the part they wanted the public to hear.

I do believe Fiji TV now owes Qarase an apology!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Double Standards

Its ironic that military spokesman Majaah Lewensky is now saying that Laisa Digitaki must first produce proof that she is being threatened by soldiers before the military can take action and begin internal investigations into her claims.

Because, if the military requires proof before action then why did they overthrow a democratically government before they had any actual "proof" of corruption.

Or maybe the military can change the rules if it doesn't serve their purpose.

Proof before action is a good rule.

If King Bai and his cronies had followed it, then maybe they wouldn't be looking like a bunch of idiots right now… six months down the line, an economy in ruins and no evidence of corruption!

Perhaps, Lewensky should advise his masters to practice what they preach.

IG Problems Affect CMDA

HnC has obtained reliable information that the illegal IG is almost broke.

The Capital Markets Development Authority which is usually funded by the Ministry of Finance will not be funded by the government this year because there is no more money.

CMDA is Fiji's capital markets watchdog and it plays an important role in regulating the investment markets.

Yet this year, the CMDA will have to make ends meet with their left over budget from last year.

Rumour is that CMDA have only enough money left to last maybe a couple of months, after that, if nothing changes, they might have to suspend their operations.

Mahen "Sneaky Snake" Chaudhry must have known that once the international community turns its back on Fiji, it would onlybe a matter of time before the IG's coffers dry up.

Perhaps this is why he hasn't given up his other job as General Secretary of the National Farmer's Union.

But whats more concerning is the view of some political pundits that the destruction of Fiji's economy is just part of Mahen's grand plan to bring Fijians to their knees.

It seems Mahen is prepared to destroy the lives of a great many people to achieve his political goals.

I just hope senior officers in the military will realise this and do something about this man who is directly threatening Fiji's national security for his own policital gains - before its too late.

Fiji Lawyers Should Protest

Lawyers in Pakistan have been protesting against their tyranical military government for suspending their Chief Justice.

Forms of protest have included public protests, marches and wearing of black arm bands to court.

Perhaps the lawyers in Fiji should seriously consider following their Pakistani counterparts and do something like this...

And this..

Or maybe even this...

And if they're really determined, this...

Or this...

But they could end up like this...

Or worse, this...

But at least we can see how far lawyers in Pakistan are willing to go to protect their Chief Justice and the integrity of their legal system.

So how about it Fiji Law Society?

How far are you willing to go for your suspended Chief Justice?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Military Moves To Block Blogs

Intelligensiya emailed the following warning to HnC a short while ago...

"Fiji's Freedom Bloggers have obtained credible information that the military has been pressuring FINTEL, the international telecommunication gateway, to block access within Fiji to our various blogs.

It is understood the military initially made a phone call to FINTEL but were told to write formally to the Chief Executive Officer Sakaraia Tuilakepa (mobile number 9921934) with the request.

This morning the army's acting information technology manager Salusalu and another officer were seen at FINTEL. It has been confirmed that they were meeting with management and trying to persuade them to pull the plug on our blogs.

From our information, FINTEL is wary of the legal implications of blocking access, but the final decision rests with the CEO.

The military wanted access blocked by 3pm (1500hrs FST/0300hrs GMT) today.

NiuFM in Auckland is reporting confirmation from the military, quoting Land Force Commander Pita Driti, that they are closing down our blogs. See story here:

In the worst case scenario, all Internet access out of Fiji may be cut, Freedom Bloggers' sources tell us. It may even happen over the weekend.

Fiji Freedom Bloggers"

Chaudary's World

Mick Dundee wrote...

Once again we are subjected to the repetitive din by Mahendra Chaudry over the 2006 Election Results.

The Fiji Times Editorial (FT 10/5) quite rightly pointed out the inconsistencies in his report, rather than go into details I suggest reading the piece personally.

Chaudry indignantly defended his Audit Team's report in the Fiji Times (11/5) Letters to the Editor.

The most obvious fact is that no matter how much Chaudry derides the Election Officials and the outcome of the results, as a member of an illegal regime he has no mandate/legal authority to be carrying out any investigations into electoral fraud.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that there is a conflict of interest between his unsuccessful bid to legally gain control of Government, then assuming the Minister of Finance position in the Illegal Military Regime, then launching a "Ministry of Finance Audit Team" into discrepancies that led to him being robbed of the Prime Ministership.

I've got a few choice swear words lined up for this guy but suffice to say the man is in need of some serious psychiatric help as he continuously seems to have a problem accepting reality.

Until he learns to deal with the fact that he lost the elections fair and square we will have to suffer his ravings as long as his vocal chords are functional. Conspiracy theories abound in his mind and I am pretty sure he would give Agent Mulder of X Files fame a run for his money.

The irony of the situation is not lost on the members of the independent International Observer teams that were tasked with identifying and reporting any incidents of electoral fraud.

Chaudry has implied that despite the numerous teams from various International Bodies (EU, Forum Secretariat, Commonwealth, USP,etc...) they in turn must have either been extremely incompetent or comatose during the 2006 elections to not detect the underhand tactics employed by the SDL.

Well the objectivity of the Independent Observer Teams is not in question as they had nothing to gain by whitewashing over any occurrences of vote rigging and it didn't make one point of difference to their future who was elected anyway. Apart from that they did not cost the Fiji taxpayers one red cent which is more than be said for Chaudry's "Ministry of Finance Audit Team"

But then this should hardly be a surprise as it has been a consistent tactic of Chaudry from his Unionist days to accuse and deflect when the pressure is directed towards him.

The funny thing about Unionists such as Chaudry, Anthony and Urai is that while they are masters in the political rhetoric of mudslinging and finger pointing at the powers that be, when assigned with something constructive they only know how to demolish it (Look no futher than the impending legal costs FNPF members will be forking out due to Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee's ineptitude in buggering up Natadola).

While these tactics may have served him well in his "former" capacity as a unionist it is now time for him to step up to the mark and show us the financial acumen he is purported to possess.

Chaudry, enough already with the elections it is a foregone conclusion that you risk further alienation or frosted foreign relations if you keep your head stuck in the sand.

You want to show us whether you are capable of being the Minister of Finance then move your ass and get us out of the economic doldrums that you and the rest of the Merry Band of Idiots have placed us in.

If all you have to show at the end of the year is a surplus budget due to reducing civil servants pay and cutting back on Capitol Expenditure Projects then I am sorry but you should be drawn and quartered for inflicting economic hardship on the populace as a whole as our foreign reserves dip even further into the red and investment swims off for more stable waters elsewhere.

If attracting and reassuring investors is a top priority for the interim government then the IG should immediately start complying with the EU conditions and return to democracy, commence a complete overhaul of the ailing water and road infrastructure (possible only through overseas financial aid) and arrest any further job losses.

Rather than moaning about the elections that you lost start getting your act together and do the job no one asked you to do. Unlike the Minister for Finance I am a realist and no amount of spin doctoring from political pundits (Ratuva, Shah, Lal, Nandan et al) is going to hide us from the tough times yet to come.

Have people accepted the coup?

Yes, it is a fact of life that we have to deal with.

Do we support it?

Some people do but I believe that most people are either forced to try and remain indifferent or fear reprisal, however as always the tide starts drawing when everyone's bread and butter starts to run out.

Will we survive this coup?

Yes, without a doubt our country has the resilience, the question for the rest of us is how much damage we are willing to silently suffer in the process before things get worse.

Chaudry before you embark on another wild goose chase to satisfy your paranoia, a word from the wise

"An unfriendly man pursues selfish ends; he defies all sound judgment." Proverbs 18: 1

"Where there is no honour there is no shame." David Mamet.

Mainstream Media

The mainstream media it seems is going out of their way to avoid making any references whatsoever to the various pro-democracy blogs.

Perhaps they view us as a threat to their business.

RFC and other bloggers it seems are scooping most of the stories which the media would like to break, so by the time we see the 6 o'clock news we have already read the breaking stories on the blogs.

More and more people are now getting their breaking news from the blogs and this is because we are able to print the kind of stuff the media are afraid to print.

RFC is hands down the most widely read of all the pro-democracy blogs and as of 2 minutes ago, it had profile views of 22,037. Anyone who blogs knows this isn't even the tip of the iceberg when determining the actual number of hits they've had.

Their actual readership will be about 70 to 100 times that number.

We are not competition to the mainstream media. But they cannot continue to ignore us.

Or can they?

I was encouraged to see two articles on us lowly bloggers in today's Fiji Times, if only the content were not so bleak.

The Fiji Times reported that military operations are currently underway to track down pro-democracy bloggers.

Driti claimed they are very close to catching the people behind three specific blogs, namely, RFC, Intelligentsiya and The Shame List.

Driti's comments seem to indicate that he has many people working on the "blogger problem" and that they are very close to identifying the bloggers. Now, he is either bullshitting us or he just loves to let everyone know the inside track on their secret investigations.

Either way, both his comments are inconsistent with the promises they made to the EU that they will not continue to act like a bunch of Nazis.

I hope the EU will take note of Col "Leg in Mouth" Driti's comments which are being made on the eve of the EU's Fact Finding Mission to Fiji on Human Rights Abuses.

DSG Forced to Resign

HnC can confirm that the story broken by Intelligensiya yesterday that Deputy Solicitor General Savenaca Banuve was forced to resign, is true.

HnC sources have confirmed that Banuve was forced to resign because he refused to be used by Sayed Khaiyum to do King Bai and Epeli G's dirty work - ie to fight the GCC case on behalf of the junta.

Banuve is a man of principle who stood by his convictions and gave up his livelihood rather than be used by these self-serving hypocrites.

Good on you Banuve. HnC salutes you!

HnC also heard that long serving Chief Registrar of the High Court, Musuka Tabete, also resigned yesterday following Banuve's resignation.

HnC will try learn more about the reasons for this but if it is true, then the civil service lost two very senior officers yesterday.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Conflict of Interest

Dear Mr Nasir Ali,

It seems to me that this junta which is purportedly spearheading the so-called "clean-up campaign" to rid Fiji of corruption is quickly becoming its own biggest offender.

Here are a few shinning examples.

1. Captain Esala "Full Chow" Teleni as your new boss, ie of the Independent Commission Against Corruption. Capt Teleni is also the Deputy Military Commander. Now, as Deputy Commander, Teleni has to produce evidence of corruption in order to justify (to his own soldiers) that the coup was necessary. Because if he can't do this, his own head might be on the chopping block. Now that he's the new boss of the Anti-Corruption Unit, we can all be sure that evidence of corruption will surface - by hook or by crook - Teleni will have his evidence! The IG should seriously consider removing the word "Independent" and just call it the Commission Against Corruption.

2. Mahendra "Sneaky Snake" Chaudhary as the interim Minister for Finance, National Planning and Sugar. Mahen accepted this illegal appointment without relinquishing his position as General Secretary of the National Farmer's Union. So now the fox is in charge of the Hen House. Good for the fox and Union he represents. Bad for the hens!

3. Jim "Jimsky" Ah Koy as the illegally appointed Chairman of Fiji Trade and Investment Bureau. This is the same sonofagun that secretly visited King Bai at QEB pre 5/12 to seek his patronage and throw his support for the coup. According to RFC, Jimsky's family owns 51% of Bayleys Real Estate, the New Zealand real estate company that has exclusive selling rights to the lots at Momi Bay. So what does Jimsky do, he uses his influence with the IG and his position as Chairman of FTIB to derail the competition - ie. Natadola Development.

4. Don Collingwood as the illegally appointed Chairman of CAAFI. Although he hasn't done anything unseemly yet, it is clear the Don has got a bit of a conflict on his hands. You see, he is still the Managing Director of Sun Flower Flying School. And the rules which regulate the operations of his flying school are enforced by the same body of which he is now Chairman. Conflict! Conflict! Conflict!

5. Anthony Gaytes as the Acting Chief Justice. This poofta and his partner in crime Judge Shameem are strong and outspoken supporters of King Bai. They are now doing exactly the same thing that the former CJ Tuivaga was accused of doing in 2000 - assisting an illegal regime to gain some semblance of legitimacy. At least CJ Tuivaga was doing it for a good reason and so still has respect of his peers. To make matters worse, Gaytes has not deemed it necessary to excuse himself from hearing Qarase's court case against the the very regime that illegally appointed him. Add to that the fact any new cases filed in the High Court that have a "political" element now have to be approved by Gates. Man this guy's going for gold!

6. Ana "Banana" Rokomokoti as a newly appointed Magistrate. She has shown her complete lack of good judgement by failing to distance herself from the military's treasonous acts of 5/12. As a former military advisor, coup-supporter, counsel to interim AG and self-serving "wanna-be-in-the-middle-of-everything" hag, this wicked witch of the west is going to find it hard to dispense "justice" in cases where the military is involved. With Ana on the Bench, the judiciary is well and truly infiltrated. Corruption! Corruption! Corruption!

7. Shaister "the Shyster" Shameem for continuing as the Director of the Fiji Human Rights Commission. This lunatic takes the cake! She started to show her true colours immediately after 5/12 throwing her full support behind the very regime that was taking innocent people up to QEB to be tortured on daily basis. At first, she straight out denied that it was happening. Then when she couldn't deny it anymore, she said the military were allowed to torture its citizens because our rights were curtailed by the Public Emergency Decree. Then she attacked the UN, USA and EU for criticising her lack of interest in actually defending human rights. I'm sure this one is somehow related to Driti.

And last but certainly not least...

8. King "No Election" Bai as interim Prime Minister of Fiji. One could write a book on this bloke. Suffice as to say that the good King now has administrative control of every aspect of executive government, the judiciary and the police and army. He's broken every rule in the Book - hell he re-wrote the bloody Book because he didn't like the rules already in it. This makes him officially the Pacific's first ever Dictator!

Mr Ali, I imagine there must be quite a few more conflict of interest situations out there and I urge you to please look into these as quickly as possible - starting with your own appointment.

Your faithfully,


Don't Be Deceived

To all those good citizens of Fiji who are wondering if King Bai is finally beginning to win the support of the Fijian people because he was invited to open the Nadroga/Navosa Provincial Council meeting... wonder no more.

Hyde n Ceek can confirm that the people of the province didn't want King Bai there at all.

He was only invited because of Majaah Lewensky's vasu connections to Lomawai where the meeting was being held.

In fact, most of the major chiefs of the province did not show up to the meeting because King Bai was chief guest.

Did you happen to notice on TV how empty the grounds were.

There was no one there.

It was not the usual warm reception you'd expect from a Fijian province. I guess the chief guest was not as popular as he thought he was.

Also did you happen to notice that whenever Lewensky is lying on TV, he unconsciously adds more "aahhs" to his comments?

And, there was a lot of "aahhs" in his interview last night.

The Tugaga Na Ka Levu, Rt Sakiusa Makutu also did not show up because he just doesn't like King Bai. Rt Sakiusa is after all a Plaintiff in the GCC's court action against self-serving socialite and illegal Minister Epeli G (and his dopey PM).

So please rest assured. The events at Lomawai are an indication of the growing resentment against the junta, rather than the other way around.

Lockington's Response

Allen said...

"Hello there.

To be truthful I have a lot of respect for the former Prime Minister and likewise I also have a lot of respect for the Army Commander. Yet I take no sides. By the way I have a lot of mates in the SDL top brass .... I suppose they will accept a bit of constructive citicism from time to time because it keeps one on track.

But its good that my letter has generated some reaction. As for bitterness ..... this is one word that is most certainly not in my book ..... you may have read many of my letters that were against the Army and likewise this one was against Laisenia Qarase's reaction. Before the Coup I was a constant critic of government/civil servants/public servants etc ...! and I was a civil servant for 28 years!! One time I nearly got into trouble for speaking out against the top brass, even though it was the truth.

And hey, it would be interesting if I were invited to serve on a board maybe I will make a
difference .. because it will be to lend a helping hand.

And it would have been the same if the Qarase government had invited me. I should have taken the offer when it came to me just before the elections .... but I had been invited by so many parties that I chose to stay with the minorities.

So ends my humble reply."

And Hyde n Ceek said...

"Bula Allen.

Your explanation is noted but I am still not convinced your overt support of King Bai's actions (ie 5/12) is justified.

Nothing, short of mass murder by an incumbent government, justifies an illegal takeover.

Unfortunately, active coup supporters like you just encourage idiots like King Bai and his cronies to continue with what they are doing.

The vast majority of the people in Fiji can see its wrong.

The international community can see its wrong.

Why can't you?"

And a fellow blogger said...

"Laisenia Qarases somewhat vague answer to the question that he was asked was based on confidentiality of information.

Civil Servants I believe cannot give any confidential information they have acquired whilst in the course of their duties to anyone while in the service and even after they go on retirement or in this case thrown out of government.

I was also disappointed with his answer but I think what I have stated could be the reason"

Hyde n Ceek agrees with this and with what the next fellow blogger has to say...

"Allen, I believe the former PM did just enough to indicate to me that his keeping his cards close to his chest. The court proceedings that will follow after all this will be his pay back time.

Yes, like the others, I always enjoy your letters to the editor especially on issues that affect the general community, but my only concern in your letter is that you had compromised your position by supporting the events on 5/12/2006.

For someone I have always enjoyed reading your letters this was a blow below the belt."

See Lockington, the consensus is that you are a "coup supporter".

I imagine that your close buddies in the "SDL top brass" are not too impressed with you right now after your comments that their overthrow was justified.

I also imagine the families of Nimilote Verebasaga and Sakiusa Rabaka will not be too happy with the fact that you have "a lot respect for the Army Commander" who is trying to cover up the brutal murder of their sons.

I imagine all the good citizens of Fiji who have been subjected to torture and humilation at the hands of overzealous military personnel will not have as high an opinion of the Commander as you do.

Face it Lockington. You're a coup supporter.

Admit it and move on.

Ana Compromised

These comments from a blogger summarises Major Ana's situation quite accurately...

"What a joke! Here is someone appointed to a position where she will have to
make high standard judgements of right and wrong on the public cases presented
before her.

But she has already empirically demonstrated her own complete lack of judgement by failing to resign from the military's treasonous clean-up coup of 5th December.

Not only that, but by implication of not resigning from the military from 5th December, she is likely to be guilty of a whole range of crimes from misprison of treason through to aiding and abetting a capital crime.

And yet somehow this highly dubious, if not disgraceful, person has the gall to want to sit on the venerated bench of our Magistracy.

Who could seriously respect such a judge, or any of her judgements?"

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Idiot AG

The release by the interim AG of the minutes of the Judicial Services Commission meeting which appointed the acting CJ Anthony Gates, is wrong.

The interim AG should be bound by some general rule on confidentiality when comes to the discussions of JSC, especially in relation to the appointment of Judges.

Even if there are no rules governing confidentiality, the interim AG should know that it is unethical to release that kind information.

The Judges who are appointed by the JSC would generally not want the discussions which led to their appointment publicised.

Khaiyum has set a very bad precedent and he has shown the nation just how immature he is, professionally and morally.

It seems Khaiyum is so desperate to protect his King that he can longer differentiate between right and wrong.

Many of us are looking forward to watching him being tried in the very near future for taking unlawful oath.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Allen Lockington Confused

Allen Lockington's letter to the editor in today's FT reads:-

I watched Close Up program on Sunday, May 6 and thought that former prime minister Laisenia Qarase was defensive when asked some relevant questions by the show's host, Netani Rika.

In one instance, he could have just said that former minister for youth and sports Rajesh Singh had been terminated because he did not tow the line.

What's so hard in that?

If the Qarase government had been performing as expected there wouldn't have been a coup.

Now it has become very expensive for everyone.

At the end of the day (when investigations are completed by the clean-up campaign and the coup justified) I hope someone from the former government will be brave enough to stand up and say "I'm sorry'' to the people of Fiji.

For my part, I think the first three paragraphs in Lockington's letter are fair comment. I watched Close Up too and was also disappointed at the way LQ evaded the question of why Rajesh Singh was terminated.

LQ's answer that it was "no longer relevant" is not very reassuring.

The people of Fiji generally don't like to be treated like idiots.

Its the same kind of answer Lewensky gives when explaining yet another extension to the Public Emergency Decree - "Its not for public consumption".

Lockington is right, we have a right to know.

I voted for LQ and I expect my government to be more transparent than that.

But Lockington is very wrong when he blames 5/12 on the perceived substandard performance of the SDL government.

Democracy is about changing the governments you are not happy with by "voting" them out, not by force of arms.

I would have thought Lockington of all people would have appreciated that point.

Finally, Lockington's comments on the justification of the coup and clean-up campaign are just plain (for lack of a better word) stupid.

LQ and his government were put there by majority vote of the people of Fiji.

The government of day does not therefore need to "apologise" to the minority for carrying out the election promises they made to the majority that voted them into power.

That's Politics101 for you.

Lockington's comments show a personal hatred of SDL and LQ that goes well beyond the want of an explanation for the sacking of a man who probably deserved everything he got.

His comments are laced with so much bitterness that he has inadvertently crossed over from the realm of coup-apologists into the realm of coup-supporters.

I will not now be surprised if Lockington is illegally appointed to some Board.

Monday, May 07, 2007

King Bai Not Standing For Elections

I was very disappointed to see the article in Saturday's paper that "fearless" King Bai had decided not to stand in the next general elections.

King Bai has always suggested that he carried out 5/12 with the popular support of the people.

Why not put this to the test.

Is he afraid that he will not get any votes, except maybe that of his immediate family... and oh yes Leweni and Driti?

Its high time King Bai put his money where his mouth is and test by vote if the people really did support his coup.

Or is he afraid more than 90 percent of the people will say "frak you King Bai" you ruined this country and for what?

Please King Bai. Do not be a coward.

Be a man and stand up for your convictions.

What are you really afraid of?

Whatever it is. You really showed your true colours once again, you clown.

Good job. Now we all know that even you are aware that you don't have the basic qualities required to lead this country.

What a joke!

Illegal BRG v Illegal IG

Can someone please explain to me why the illegal Tourim Minister Bernadett Rounds Ganilau appears increasingly to be challenging the decisions of the her illegal colleagues?

Over the past couple of weeks, the media have been reporting all kinds of comments by Bernadett, as she criticised the illegal Minister for Finance on how silly his tax policies were, especially those invloving tourism and on on how the future of agriculture (cane mainly) is a lost cause and on how the policies of her King will eventually run this country to the ground.

But I'm confused and I think the people of Fiji are getting confused too.

Bernadett is not the opposition to Government, no matter how much she may regret her decision to seek King Bai's patronage following 5/12.

This Fairy Queen cannot buy our support by throwing some scraps our way.

The people of Fiji will always remember that when it came to the crunch, Bernadett Rounds Ganilau accepted her illegal appointment with complete disregard for the manner in which the position became vacant.

She accepted her appointment with complete disregard for the hundreds of thousands of people that had voted for another government just a few months before the illegal and unjustified take-over of 5/12.

She accepted her appointment with complete disregard for the continuing censorship of human rights by the military without so much as a decent explanation.

She accepted her appointment with complete disregard for the principals of democracy and freedom which are being reshaped and moulded to suit the self-serving needs of the coup-plotters (shadowy figures) and coup makers (not so shadowy figures).

Whether Bernadett Ganilau was influenced to join the illlegal regime under some misguided need to serve her people or whether it was her self-serving need to regain some of the lost respect that the "Ganilau" name used to enjoy before it was completed tarnished by Epeli Ganilau, it matters not.

At the end of the day, what she did was illegal and she will never be the people's champion no matter how hard she tries.

Bernadett must know by now, it is not why she accepted the post that matters to the people of Fiji. Its how she got there.

Tis not the destination but the journey that truly matters.

At the end of day, Bernadett Ganilau will always be remembered by the peple of Fiji as supporter of an illegal regime.

Her short-lived political carreer is, for all intents and purposes, over.

And when eventually this coup fails, I shall look forward to attending her trial for taking that unlawful oath.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ana Confirmed Magistrate

And now its official.

Ana Rokomokoti is to be become a Magistrate (see FT article "Former Army Lawyer For The Bench").

She will be sworn in by the poser of a CJ Anthony Gaytes (no that's not a typo).

Her appointment was today publicly supported by former boss and coup Mastermind Col. Mohammed Aziz (another muslim connection?).

Interestingly, Ana is publicly defending her appointment as one based on merit. At the end of the day however it is the Judicial Services Commission who should be making that claim - not her.

In fact, it sounds very lame and pretentious coming from her.

Or maybe, the JSC are not saying it because they know its not true.

They know that Ana's appointment was made only because King Bai wanted it - and King Bai always gets what he wants.

Sorry Ana.

The people of Fiji are not stupid - we can see right through your web of lies.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Peoples Charter

We the people of Fiji want:-

1. GCC to be reinstated as previously constituted;

2. Incumbent President to resign immediately;

3. GCC to appoint a new President and Vice President;

4. Interim PM to resign along with his interim Cabinet;

5. New interim PM to be appointed by new President;

6. New interim PM to select new interim Cabinet from all major political parties (transparency essential);

7. New President to formalise appointment of new interim Cabinet - for legitimacy;

8. Frank Bainimarama to resign immediately as Commander of FMF;

9. New Commander to be appointed by new President;

10. FMF to re-swear allegience to new President;

11. FMF to swear to uphold the Constitution no matter what the circumstances;

12. FMF to offer traditional apology to GCC and GCC to accept apology on behalf of the nation;

13. New interim Government to review all Board dismissals and appointments made by illegal IG;

14. New interim PM to establish a Commission of Inquiry to look into the justification for 5/12 and the truth (if any) of all allegations against ousted SDL led government (including allegations of corruption, vote rigging etc);

15. Commission of Inquiry to recommend laying of charges against any parties who are found to have breached the law and Constitution;

14. DPP to act on those recommendations regardless of the social status or standing of the person breaching the law;

15. FMF to be downsized and troops absorbed into law enforcement (if possible);

16. New President to establish Independent Commission to look into the role of FMF;

17. Elections to be held as soon as possible to restore legitimate government.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Will We Survive Hurricane Bai?

Mick Dundee wrote:-

The Interim Prime Minister does not deem it necessary to personally defend his reasons for staging a coup to overseas Heads of Governments (E.U.,South Pacific Forum).

If he truly believes in what he has done then he should be willing to defend his position to the very people/international bodies that can help move the country forward or return it to normalcy (Frank's favourite word that has become en vogue with the Interim Regime and academics ).

Is it possible that he suffers from an inferiority complex and his lack of understanding in the workings of high level international affairs will be exposed if put under the spotlight?

Or perhaps the psychological pressure of the end result of his actions is too much for him to bear, leaving him to fear for his postion and his life should he be away from his beloved security detail?

By sending the Machiavellian Chaudhary, the poser of an Attorney General and the charismatic (but unfortunately intellectually challenged) Nailatikau it sends the wrong message to the overseas governments. While Chaudry would have been playing his best to remain reserved (letting others do the talking lest he be blamed for the outcome of talks) without a doubt the AG would have been keen to impress an international audience flouting his confounding legal logic to explain the simplest of terms, Nailatikau would be happy enough that he was enjoying the jetsetting cocktail circuit again.

Any which way the Interim Government/Military tries to put a spin on the deteriorating confidence of the rank and file in their Commander and his cohorts it is plainly obvious to the rest of the nation and the world that Bainimarama is in over his head.

Whatever agenda he may have been trying to push (worming his way out of sedition, treason and murder charges) the very people that he is counting on for assistance (failed politicians and opportunists) have their own ulterior motives.

Removing highly qualified people from the government and private sector and replacing them with unqualifed sycophants has resulted in the stymied growth of our economy.

For Bainimarama to remove Senior Military Officers who pledge their loyalty to the Flag and not to the incumbent Commander is one thing. For him to end the careeers of a large majority of a once proud Officer Corps for the sake of the tiniest perceived infraction, is another.

To apply the same tactics of divide and conquer to the civil service and business community at large will only result in the tragic freefall of the economy, the effects of which have only begun to be felt.

To those members of the armed forces keep this in mind, you serve a Commanding Officer who has shown his true colours on more than one occasion. When it comes to the crunch, are you going to stand behind a man who can't even stand up for what he believes in?

Ask yourself the question: after all of the misconceived intimidation tactics you used by attending the readings of the Qoliqoli Bill and RTU Bill in parliament, and campaigning against them within your own villages what purpose has it served? The SDL was still voted into power by securing the majority of Fijian votes with CAMV.

On the other hand your former Commander Epeli Ganilau couldn't even secure five percent of the vote, not forgetting the abysmal showing he had in his own province of Cakaudrove in the prior elections.

Now Frank has put him in charge of Fijian Affairs because he is too ashamed to front up to the Great Council of Chiefs after insulting them last year. Once again a classic example of a man who hides from being confronted with the consequences of his actions.

In turn, we are forced to suffer a fool who does not even understand the basic procedures of Fijian Protocol bewilderingly declaring,"I didn't realise we were required to perform a sevusevu?"

If the Great Council of Chiefs has lost some of the mana that was conferred upon it by the people of Fiji it is due to people like Ganilau, Nailitikau and the Maras who have tarnished the legacy of their forefathers by putting their own interests ahead of the needs and aspirations of their own people.

Without doubt the GCC, the Church as a whole and other bodies Fijian people look to for direction need to evolve to better cope with the ever increasing changes of modern day society, but that does not mean we discard them altogether.

Nature abhorrs a vacuum, what will take the place of these institutions if they are disregarded and scrapped.The only legacy that this coup has left for young Fijians is that the manner in which you question authority is of no regard and damn the consequences.

To the Fiji Military Forces: In ursuping the Governing Body which you swore to protect the next time you decide to fast and pray take heed of the words of Romans 13: verses1 -7; and consider the legal implications of your actions which you are still accountable for under the constitution.

"But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day who you will serve.....But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 23: verse 1 5.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wheres the Emergency?

According to Fiji Times Online, interim AG Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has just confirmed that the Public Emergency Regulations have been extended to 31st May.

But what happened to the promises made to the EU at Brussels that the Public Emergency Decree will not be extended beyond the month of May... isa, sa vinaka ga ni levu tu na vula o Me!

Sa qai lau rai tiko qo ni o iko Voreqe sa o tamata lasulasu saraga.

The inevitable question on everyone's mind right now is where the frak is the threat to national security, public order and safety?

It seems the military is up to to the same ol shite again!

I remember when shortly before 5/12, King Bai was running around flexing his muscles against the Government and the Police declaring that there were all kinds of threats to national security lurking behind every nook, cranny and crevice... including his own!

The plain and undeniable fact of the matter is that there is no threat to national security, public order or safety.

There never was.

It was all fabricated by the military's propaganda machine to justify Bai's ascension to Kingship on 5/12.

Unless.... maybe something has changed since 5/12.

Perhaps the recent stories published by freedom bloggers have an element of truth.

Is it possible that by extending the Public Emergency Decree, King Bai is publicly acknowledging that there is a very real threat of an imminent takeover at QEB and by extension a very real threat against his life and that of his family?

Can it be true that many senior military officers and soldiers have just about had enough of this shite and simply want a return to normalcy?

Can it be true that Roko Lui is being sidelined because he has taken sides with a the dissenting faction of officers at QEB?

Can it be true that military personnel are being sent home in anticipation that something very bad (or very good depending on how you look at it) is about to happen at QEB?

Can it be true that King Bai was briefed at his home in the early hours of Friday morning (last week) on a imminent threat to his worthless life posed by angry soldiers within his own royal guard.

Can it be true that all this pressure is causing King Bai to have hallucinations of old Fijian men (the ghosts of Christmas past) occupying his home (and eating all his food).

If most or even some of these reports are true, then the continuing extensions to the Public Emergency Regulations are sure indication from King Bai's quarters that all is not well on the western front.

But never you mind Bai. You keep suppressing the rights of the people because thats one sure way to rally support against your lost cause.

To the soldiers of FMF. Remember that your King's days are numbered.

This coup cannot succeed. You must know that by now.

There are only two questions that remain.

How much damage will he do before he is removed?

And, will you help King Bai, his family and his friends promote corruption and enrich themselves or will you help return our beloved country to transparent and democratic rule.

The Unions are about to go on a nationwide strike and you will be ordered to raise arms against your brothers and sisters to crush that strike.

Make your choice now and choose wisely.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Sugar Industry Set to Crumble

Despite the magnanimous efforts of Mahen, Pramesh Chand and Khaiyum, their hidden agenda to secretly revive the ailing sugar industry in Fiji may have just come to a screeching halt!

Fiji Live reports that the EU has confirmed it will not give Fiji the $350m they had promised to the Qarase government.

Instead the illegal IG will now only receive $113m from the EU.

The EU has also confirmed it will reduce export prices and buy processed sugar from Fiji by up to 36 percent less by 2009.

How the sugar industry is expected to survive this (hydrogen) bombshell is beyond me.

I guess the IG is only now beginning to find out that the wages of political sin is economic death.

Nation-Wide Strike Looming

The Fiji Nursing Association has really taken the bull by the horns this time. See Fiji Times article "Nurses to go on strike".

The FNA General Secretary Kuini Lutua has confirmed that 80 percent of nurses (and this number is likely to go up at their upcoming AGM) have voted to go on strike against the arbitrary decisions of this dictatorial government.

A strike by nurses, she said, is now inevitable.

The FTA have indicated they will follow FNA and join the strike.

FPSA have previously confirmed they have an overwhelming mandate from its members to go on strike over these same issues.

The illegal IG is having some difficulty understanding (perhaps because of their lack of experience) what effect a prolonged nationwide strike can and will have on the ability of this government to function.

It seems that only experienced politicians can appreciate the effect of the threat by the Unions.

Bune is reportedly so worried about this whole strike saga that he is enlisting the help of former politicians and long time civil servants to try and talk to the Unions, particularly FPSA, to avert a strike.

The military of course is reportedly approaching this whole strike threat as if it was a mutiny by its soldiers.

We can't blame them really. They just don't know any better.

Soldiers are, afterall, trained in the use of weapons, not words.

But surely, the IG must realise that using the military to resolve a national strike is like using a bazooka to swat a fly.

We are hearing reports that the military top brass (or at least those few who are pro-King Bai supporters) are preparing for "battle" and have plans laid down to quash (with bloodshed if necessary) any attempt by Union members to gather in public during the strike period.

The military also intend to take in the organisers of the strike soon (before the strike) for a crash course on "following orders" and when the strike starts to enforce a complete media blackout on it so that the striking employees do not know whats happening.

The time for diplomacy is not yet gone, King Bai... but your time has surely come.

A clash between the downtrodden workers and a misinformed military following the illegal orders of an overpaid IG now not only seems imminent, but inevitable.

Perhaps, some patriotic soldiers will overthrow the good King Bai before the time comes for them to raise their arms against their own mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Major Ana is New Magistrate

Reliable sources have confirmed that Major Ana Rokomokoti is to be sworn in on Monday as a Magistrate!

Major Ana is currently one of the closest advisors to interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and King Bai.

Her appointment as Magistrate is made on the insistence of King Bai.

Where's the transparency in an appointment like this?

Is this not the height of corruption?

Missed The Point!

Comments by Dudley High School Manager Reverend William Lucas in the FT article titled "Students Barred From NZ Trip" is most unfortunate.

The good Reverend must understand that the purpose of NZ's smart sanctions is to discourage the military and IG from continuing to participate in the unlawful takeover of a democratically elected government.

The smart sanctions are intended to send a clear message to everyone who has played a role or continues to play a role in 5/12. That message is to cease your involvement in these unlawful acts or you and your family will suffer.

The intention is to force families of military personnel to convince their fathers and mothers in the military to oppose King Bai's unlawful actions.

If stopping a few children from travelling to NZ will help return Fiji to democracy, stop human rights violations and bring an end to our coup cycle, then surely it must be worth it!

The good Reverend needs to get his head out of his ass and see the bigger picture.

There are more important things at stake here than a school trip to NZ.

The smart sanctions are afterall intended secure a brighter democratic future for all the children of Fiji.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

King Bai in Deep Trouble!

FMF soldiers have now gotten over the initial "cowboy" phase of the 5/12 coup.

They have gotten over the thrill of carrying live weapons in public and scaring the living daylights out of innocent civilians.

They have gotten over the thrill of playing commando and wearing their full battle fatigues in public.

They have gotten over all that jazz and all they have left are unanswered questions.

Chief among those unanswered questions is - Why did we do it and what did we achieve?

Unfortunately, no straight answers are forthcoming from King Bai and his boys, Driti and Leweni.

No evidence of corruption has been put forward since 5/12.

NLTB now appears free of corruption and so too does FNFP.

Pre-coup allegations that Tailevu High Chief Rt Jope Seniloli was corruptly released under CSO now seems to be unfounded. King Bai's boy Khaiyum has now admitted, post-coup, that there was nothing unlawful about Rt Jope's release after all.

So its completely understandable that the good soldiers of FMF are now asking themselves - Then what the hell did we just overthrow this government for?

With no evidence of corruption, the only visible changes since 5/12 was that Bai declared himself King of Fiji. And, his friends and relatives were promoted to high government positions. This, after he promised the nation that neither he (and by extension his family) nor anyone one in the military would benefit from the coup!

So the good soldiers of FMF are asking themselves - Did we carry out this coup to install Bai as King or did we do it to weed out corruption?

Truth is they did it to weed out corruption (because that was what they were told), Bai did it to install himself King. Rt Epeli G supported Bai and became King Maker.

Together, the King and King Maker were able to control the investigations into the missing regimental funds (more than FJ$300,000) stolen by the King Maker many years ago.

Its not that complicated really. The driving force behind 5/12 coup was power, greed and self-presevation!

So now the good soldiers of FMF are beginning to find out the truth. And they are not happy. In fact, the majority of the officers and the rank and file they are pissed off.

Rumours are now circulating within QEB that another takeover is imminent.

This is not one of those "wishful thinking" rumours.

This one appears to have some credibility.

I understand that more than a few soldiers have being sent home by their commanding officers because they want to avoid unnecessary injury or death, like what happened on 2/11.

A takeover, I am told, is now unavoidable because King Bai, Driti and Leweni have gone beyond the point where most of the Fijian soldiers are willing to blindly follow.

It is rumoured that King Bai and Driti are well aware of their imminent overthrow as it is now the hot topic of conversation among the soldiers at QEB. I got this information directly from loyalist soldiers within QEB.

King Bai it seems is only now coming to grips with the reality that he does not have the full support of many his senior officers.

It has been confirmed that many of the soldiers at QEB are frustrated at King Bai's unFijian like behaviour and they don't like his treatment of their Chiefs in the GCC.

Rumours are spreading within QEB that King Bai and Driti are working overtime to keep the military propaganda machine running because that is now their only hope to keep the FMF from factionalising more than it already has.

Those rumours also suggest that King Bai, Driti and Leweni have now shut out Roko Lui from their inner circle because Roko Lui is now beginning to understand that the military is being used by Mahen, Pramesh, Rt Epeli G and various businessmen to further their own agendas. Roko Lui, in other words, is openly opposing King Bai and Driti.

So, prepare yourselves because the the bond of comradeship that used to bind the military together is now quickly becoming undone.

Very soon, King Bai will have to choose between abdicating his throne (and face going to jail forever - or at least until the cows come home) or ordering a bloody confrontation between his own troops (and face certain death).

Choose wisely dear King Bai... for this decision may be your last!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wrong Idea!

I feel compelled to comment on some of the complaints made by a blogger who recently wrote to RFC.

The blogger wrote:-
I'm afraid you are right in all you had said.

This coup is unfortunately Fijian vs Fijian. Sad but true.

Like every story there's two sides to everything and the military has been breaching some human rights laws BUT i must say that without this coup the truth would not have been revealed.....with the sad truth being, "We the beloved citizens of Fiji have for a long time been fooled by our own brothers and those Fijians in power in thinking that "the Indo-Fijians are the ones tricking us" NO IT"S THE FIJIANS.....Qarase, Weleilakeba, and a few other well-known Fijians in top posts have been the traitors all along!!!

When they get to a position of power they thirst for more and when they finally have the taste of what it's like to have ordinary people attending to their every whim they think don't stop!!

Forgeting about the very people that voted them in they work selfishly for their own selfish gains......and they call themselves leaders. Shame on them.Fijians line up outside the FNPF offices around the country only to be turned away numerously.........The money belongs to the people so why is it when people come to FNPF they are made to feel like they are borrowing someone elses money?

We Fijians need to stand up and see through all this treachory.
It's been too long and we should not tolerate it. And we call ourselves a so
called Christian nation.

If we are truly christians then there will be no such thing as "Indians", "Rotumans", "Chinese" etc. We'll all simply be people of Fiji. Sad to say that the very people who we see praising God on TV are the very ones creating racist policies etc. Where is the truth in that!!

They say that religion and politics don't mix but if we look at it deeply.....they do. Because in a christian state like ours if you are truly a man of God, then the goodness of God will be reflected by your actions!!

Okay, first, I want to know... are you on some kind of medication?

Your examples and your conclusions are so disconnected its a little unusual... to say the least!

Second, I always thought Qarase and his government made it clear from the beginning that they were acting in the best interests of the Fijian people.

Didn't they demonstrate their intentions by:-

(1) legislating that the majority of state land (all Schedule A and B land) be transferred to FAB for redistribution to the Fijians.

(2) trying to legislate the transfer to Fijians of all qoliqoli areas currently owned by the State, but were cut short from achieving this because of Bai's itch to become King of Fiji.

If the indigenous Fijians generally were the intended beneficiaries of Qarase's policies, then pray tell me, how on earth is that a "selfish" and power hungry act?

Your description seems to me to more accurately describe King Bai's actions rather than Qarase's. Afterall, Qarase didn't make himself King, Bai did.

Third, you seem to be saying that FNPF tellers failed to treat you properly when you went there and because of that, FNPF and the SDL government is corruptly trying to deny you your money.

Please, what the hell kind of fuzzy logic is that?

Don't you know that FPNF is supposed to make it difficult for you to access your funds. Its not your bloody Bank. It your retirement policy.

And how you conclude that the lack of customer service skills at FNPF has a direct nexus to, or is directly caused by, alleged corruption within the SDL-led government is beyond me.

Please do not be easily persuaded by people (usually pro-Bai supporters) who will try convince you to always accept the simplest explanation - corruption.

Learn to think things through carefully and you will be able see through the smoke screen created by the military and the IG.

Then only will you see the truth!

More Shadowy Figures Revealed!

I have received unconfirmed reports that Jim Ah Koy and another very prominent and former senior Government Minister visited King Bai at his stronghold at QEB only a few days before 5/12.

This was around the time LQ was preparing to go up to Naitasiri.

My sources tell me that apparently the whole reason for Jim and this former senior Government Minister's visit was to advise King Bai to please go ahead and overthrow Qarase's government, immediately.

It has taken me a few days to decide whether to publish the name of this other Minister, but I have decided against it. He remains afterall a very prominent politician and a statesman, and is still a close personal friend of Qarase.

Jimski of course has recieved his reward for his early support - He was recently appointed as Chairman of FTIB!

I can confirm Minister X has not yet been rewarded with any Government posting or Board appointment. This was an important factor in my decision not to name him, yet!

Minister X, if you happen to read this, I promise you I know who you are.

If you accept any reward from King Bai, be it a position in the interim Government or an unlawful appointment into any Board, I will publish your name on the same day your accept your "12 peices of silver" and everyone in Fiji, inlcuding your family and close friends, will know the extent of your betrayal!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

May Day, The Strike, The Effects!

I join the call by fellow freedom bloggers to stay home on 1st May.

I admit though my motives are personal.

You see I just don't like Baini Marama or his stooges. Losers. All of them!

The bottom line is, if you don't come to work en mass on 1st May, Bai's administration will not function properly for one day.

You can ask yourself, but what good will that do?

It will send a clear and unequivocal message to Baini Marama of the kind of trouble he and his unlawful government are likely to face in the event of a nationwide strike.

Reliable sources have confirmed that even hardened politicians like Bune and Mahen are getting really worried about what will happen if the whole country goes on strike for a prolonged period.

Remember, we are many. They are few.

And because we are many and they are few, we can decide our own fate and future.

We can decide who we want to govern us.

In fact, we have decided this in the last elections, but Bai and his cronies (the losers in that election) have taken that away from us by force of arms.

Now we decide again.

First we stay home on May Day!

Then we go on nationwide strike and cripple the economy.

We ignore calls by the military, the IG and their supporters that we should act rationally because thats what they should have done instead of carrying out 5/12.

When we do this, then only will we put the true loyalty of Bai's soldiers to the test!

FMF soldiers won't get their pay processed and their food won't be delivered. The soldiers will be forced to ask themsleves whether they are willing to continue to follow Baini Marama and his greedy self-serving friends.

Personally, I don't think Bai is capable of understanding the full implications of what a nationwide strike will do to his government.

He needs to get this message into his head because the mere threat of a strike is a little too abstract for his simple mind to comprehend.

He needs to see an actual example in order to understand the full implications of what he is facing - a popular revolt by the people against his unlawful regime.

So lets give him an example he won't forget.

Stay home on May Day and give him a taste of things to come if he does not return Fiji to democracy immediately!

Mahen's Agenda Surfacing?

Recent events are beginning to show that the contents of my earlier post "Mahen's True Agenda" are all true.

In this morning's Fiji Times, Mahen stated that he does not have the power to direct FIRCA to change its tax policy on Momi.

So now (in the middle of a coup) Mahen decides he wants to follow the law.

How very noble of him.

Truth be told however, Mahen has decided to follow the law this time (in the middle of a clean-up campaign which has carried out unprecedented breaches of the Constitution) because it will be in line with his personal agenda - to cripple the tourism industry.

How do we know this?

Because, we all know Mahen by now. He has the same "God Complex" as his pal Bai.

If he wants something done, he'll get it done.

His desperate efforts to get EU funding to revive Fiji's ailing sugar industry is proof positive that Mahen's has every intention of seeing to it that in a few years, Fiji will once again be completely reliant on sugar (and political power will return once again to Fiji's canebelts - Mahen's electoral powerbase).

Mahen's determined effort to get EU funding for sugar and his lack of enthusiasm to protect tourism developers like Momi is absolute proof of what he is trying to do.

But, why don't the military see this?

The military claims they are working very hard to bring an end to racial politics, but if Mahen succeeds, then the military will have helped him achieve just the opposite.

Mahen is using the military to force Fiji at gunpoint to accept policies that will thwart economic diversification, discourage tourism development (beneficial to indigenous Fijians as resource owners) and encourage the revival of sugar industry (dominated by Indian growers).

I ask the Military Think Tank to consider this - What do you think will happen when the landowners who stood to gain from leases and other commercial benefits from these hotels developments lose everything?

What do you think these landowners will say when they realise that that the same person engineering the destruction of their source of income is the same person engineering the revival of the Indian dominated sugar industry.

Do the military really want to be known as having helped Mahen achieve his goals?

Please look more closely into the long term benefits of his policies.

Don't get dazzled by his explanations.

If you think you're out of your league and cannot run this country. Admit you're wrong and return to the camp, so we can put qualified people in there.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Rabuka Agenda!

Over the past few months, former PM Sitiveni Rabuka has become the IG's self-appointed advisor.

Every important decision that Bai and the IG need to make is given the once over by Rabuka who then gives his 2 cents worth through the media. No one really knows whether Bai takes any notice of Rabuka's advice but most seem to be in support of Bai's initiatives.

Bai can do this... Bai can do that!

Bai can do anything he wants because he's the King of Fiji. I know I did in 87... when I was King!

But what does Rabuka really want?

Does he want to be nominated for VP?

That might be a problem. The chiefs don't trust him, and he might have to knuckle up with Rt Epeli Nailatikau because Bai's adamant this position is going to his pal Nailatikau... come what may!

So does he want to lead the FMF again?

No doubt, this will give him all the authority he needs to ignite the Fijian cause and "synergise" this with his personal agenda - more money, more power, more girls in sleazy hotel rooms.

But here too, he's bound to face some problems.

Most of the soldiers don't trust him and Bai certainly is not just going to roll over and hand power over to Rabuka - Bai knows he'll be deprived of his security detail and will be dead within the week!

Maybe Rabuka is cleverly trying to fan the flames of Fijian anger and pit Fijian civillians against Fijian soldiers by playing on Bai's recent moves to replace the GCC membership. Afterall, he did say this will leave Fijians "chiefless."

Sorry Rabuka, the Fijians are not going in to battle against fellow Fijians to serve the interests of a few greedy men (and women). The soldiers at Delainabua are just begining to figure this out and one day soon, Bai will be overthrown by his own people.

Whatever his actions, Rabuka's agenda is almost always predictibly for Rabuka.

His actions, though may seem overtly benevolent, always have a componet that will see him gain in power, status and wealth.

Streets Safer With Checkpoints?

Recent comments by the current President of the Fiji Retailers Association - Himmat Lodhia - that the military checkpoints are a good thing and should be returned and retained is the height of selfishness.

Lodhia obviously was not thinking about the many thousands of people inconvenienced by the slow progress of traffic at these checkpoints as they make their way to work every morning.

He obviously was not thinking about the negative publicity we were generating by having armed soldiers on the streets.

He obviously was not thinking about what this negative publicity was having, and is continuing to have, on our tourism industry.

He obviously was not thinking about the scores of women drivers who were victims of verbal harassment and sexual taunting every time they happened to pass through a military checkpoint on their own in the middle of the night. One particular checkpoint near Domain (quite close to Bai house) was one of the worst offenders.

He obviously was not thinking about the hundreds of thousands of Fiji citizens who do not want their children exposed to guns and violence and becoming comfortable with the reality of coups.

He obviously was not thinking about the hundreds of thousands of Fiji citizens who were glad to see the absence of military personnnel at checkpoints and who oppose any suggestion of their return.

Lodhia obviously was not thinking about anyone but himself.

He also reportedly stated the people generally feel safer when the military makes its presence felt.

Do they really?

Then why is it that every time a soldier in uniform enters a crowded room in Fiji, he is met with hostile looks and pin drop silence.

Himmat Lodhia is just like every other self-serving coup-supporter who thinks of his pockets first and the greater needs of his countrymen second.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Bai's Comment

In response to the EU conditions, Baini Marama said today:-

''The agreed commitments on the respect for democratic principles, rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms and follow up commitments are very much in line with the offer Fiji had made as part of its submissions for the consultations.''

Wait a minute. Did Baini Marama just say that his regime is committed to respecting democratic principles and the rule of law?

Then what the hell was 5/12?

And did he just say his regime was committed to respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms?

Come on Bai. Who are you trying to kid?

We still live under a state of emergency created by you.

People who speak out against you are still being taken in to QEB for "inciting" (although nowadays its done quietly so that the media doesn't get wind of it).

The military is still stopping LQ from coming to Suva to fight his case.

Lawyers who try to commence legal challenges against you are still being threatened.

The murder of innocent civillians by the military is being swept under the carpet.

Members of statutory boards are still being replaced without any explanation.

Just a few days ago, you and Driti were one step away from declaring war against the combined forces of USA, UK, Australia and NZ.

You can try to hoodwink the EU (although I don't think you'll succeed), but all the good people of Fiji know that your statement is as empty as your Government's coffers.

Please Baini Marama, just tell it like it is.

By the way, I found an old picture of you and Mahen in your younger days. Don't try to deny it!

Bai's Way Or The Highway!

Vinaka vakalevu Bubu for posting this propoganda pic of Baini Marama on your blog (

The Look Of A Worried Man!

The eyes tell the story.

This my good people is what a worried man looks like.

This is the look of man in fear for his very life and the life of his family.

Bai, you should have known better than to frak with the Great Council of Chiefs. O sa coqa tiko na matani moto qori!

Bai's only hope was to get the $350 million from EU. His government has no more money.

Bai had hoped his No. 1 team would have told the EU like it is, but when they got there, his No. 1 team got their collective asses handed back to them on a platter... yes it was a silver one!

EU's non-negotiable conditions for the release of funds include:-

- elections by March 2009

- suitable road map by June 30 2007

- appointing of VP in accordance with the Constitution

- upholding of every facet of the Constitution, including human rights, freedom of expression and independence and integrity of the judiciary

- go back to the camp and stay there

- bring back the GCC and respect their independence

- lift the Public Emergency Regulations, and

- no more of this crap about invoking the doctrine of necessity

In other words, if Bai wants his money he has to swallow his pride and reverse everything he's done over the past few months.

He's already started by diplomatically apologising to the US for wrongly directing the removal of the barricades at Loftus Street.

But that's not enough, Bai.

I imagine there will be more grovelling in the coming weeks. Just try to read between the lines and you will see a very remorseful Bai... quick with the mouth but a little slow in the head!

Stay tuned.