Sunday, May 13, 2007

Double Standards

Its ironic that military spokesman Majaah Lewensky is now saying that Laisa Digitaki must first produce proof that she is being threatened by soldiers before the military can take action and begin internal investigations into her claims.

Because, if the military requires proof before action then why did they overthrow a democratically government before they had any actual "proof" of corruption.

Or maybe the military can change the rules if it doesn't serve their purpose.

Proof before action is a good rule.

If King Bai and his cronies had followed it, then maybe they wouldn't be looking like a bunch of idiots right now… six months down the line, an economy in ruins and no evidence of corruption!

Perhaps, Lewensky should advise his masters to practice what they preach.


Comical Ali said...

Looking at the picture of Leweni posted on this blog, it is now clear why the former band master was put in as a board member for the Fiji Audio Visual Commission. Its for the sound effects. But its beyond me why he also wants to be involved in with the Ministry of Agriculture. Talk about comical Ali...Aahhh?

Anonymous said...

Here is yet more evidence (if any more was really needed) that the military doesn't understand the court process. Evidence and proof is required for conviction, not investigation. All you need to start an investigation is an official complaint - which they already have from Ms Digitaki! No wonder these clowns can't get anything done with the President's mandate - they have no understanding of any process, premise or theory outside their own narrow military life-world.

Anonymous said...

Bloody rai baci should have stayed with conducting music!