Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sorry Allen You're Wrong - Again!

In response to Mere Samisoni's letter (see letter here), Allen had this to say in today's Fiji Times:-

Maybe Mere Samisoni (FT 14/5) didn't read my letter right.

I said if the clean-up was justified, only then should someone from the SDL party apologise.

And the army had better hurry up with the evidence because its credibility is at stake.

Sorry Allen, Mere Samisoni did read your letter correctly, as did everyone else in Fiji.

You did say:-

At the end of the day (when investigations are completed by the clean-up campaign and the coup justified) I hope someone from the former government will be brave enough to stand up and say "I'm sorry'' to the people of Fiji.

Theres a whole world of difference between what you think you said and what you actually said.


Allen said...

I suppose what oe thinks and what one puts on paper makes a difference. So you got me there..

mawdsomething said...

Allen, you're a good who admits when he has made a mistake. Can you teach the IG how to do that?