Thursday, May 03, 2007

Peoples Charter

We the people of Fiji want:-

1. GCC to be reinstated as previously constituted;

2. Incumbent President to resign immediately;

3. GCC to appoint a new President and Vice President;

4. Interim PM to resign along with his interim Cabinet;

5. New interim PM to be appointed by new President;

6. New interim PM to select new interim Cabinet from all major political parties (transparency essential);

7. New President to formalise appointment of new interim Cabinet - for legitimacy;

8. Frank Bainimarama to resign immediately as Commander of FMF;

9. New Commander to be appointed by new President;

10. FMF to re-swear allegience to new President;

11. FMF to swear to uphold the Constitution no matter what the circumstances;

12. FMF to offer traditional apology to GCC and GCC to accept apology on behalf of the nation;

13. New interim Government to review all Board dismissals and appointments made by illegal IG;

14. New interim PM to establish a Commission of Inquiry to look into the justification for 5/12 and the truth (if any) of all allegations against ousted SDL led government (including allegations of corruption, vote rigging etc);

15. Commission of Inquiry to recommend laying of charges against any parties who are found to have breached the law and Constitution;

14. DPP to act on those recommendations regardless of the social status or standing of the person breaching the law;

15. FMF to be downsized and troops absorbed into law enforcement (if possible);

16. New President to establish Independent Commission to look into the role of FMF;

17. Elections to be held as soon as possible to restore legitimate government.


Anonymous said...

This is a well thought out list of what true sons and daughters of Fiji want! Well done hyde.n.ceek. Great work.

ex Fiji Tourist said...

What a great summary of what needs to be done in Fiji.

May I suggest that you put your thoughts on every blog sit and also send it to all media outlets.

Anonymous said...

Its okay but I would suggest the following...
New Caretaker govt to be selected not on political party line.
Caretaker government to take no other responsibilty but to get us thru to elections within 12 months.
Other matters mentioned above to be handled by an elected government.

Anonymous said...

15. downsize or abolish the FMF.

Fiji should seriuosly consider, do we really need an army? what enemies do we have they neccessitates having an enormous army? absorb those nutheads in private security firms to go overseas (like Iraq, Iran, Israel, etc) and do what they are doing now here (torture, kidnap, murder, harrass, etc). I doubt they'll survive a week. its just lucky locals do not have guns.

Anonymous said...

Fiji's freedom bloggers are winning every time they strike a blow for the restoration of democracy and human rights in Fiji.

You have friends everywhere! One of them is "Patriot Abroad".

Look what she has done at

Alternatively, go straight to and type FIJI CHILDREN in the search box.

If you like what you see....SPREAD THE WORD!!!

...And don't forget: give the video a five-star rating BEFORE you email the link to VB, Mahendra, Leweni etc will just annoy them all the more!!!

Anonymous said...

GCC is redundant now. It does not serve any formal purpose.

hyde.n.ceek said...

Only a non-Fijian would say something like that! At least one of its "useful" purposes is enshrined in the Constitution, that is as a constitutional check against the arbitrary use of power by a Government to force the appointment an undesirable VP. Remember the VP automatically assumes the Presidency when the incumbent President becomes incapacitated.

Anonymous said...

Is GCC democratic? NO. Do we need an undemocratic organisation in the modern econimic system? NO. Does it truly reflect all the people of Fiji? NO. Then what the hell is GCC for. To support/ rubber stamp racist Fijian governments policies (racial of course), support handout mentality, support discrimination, support coups when it suits them, boy the list goes on, on, on. say no to GCC.