Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Allen Lockington Confused

Allen Lockington's letter to the editor in today's FT reads:-

I watched Close Up program on Sunday, May 6 and thought that former prime minister Laisenia Qarase was defensive when asked some relevant questions by the show's host, Netani Rika.

In one instance, he could have just said that former minister for youth and sports Rajesh Singh had been terminated because he did not tow the line.

What's so hard in that?

If the Qarase government had been performing as expected there wouldn't have been a coup.

Now it has become very expensive for everyone.

At the end of the day (when investigations are completed by the clean-up campaign and the coup justified) I hope someone from the former government will be brave enough to stand up and say "I'm sorry'' to the people of Fiji.

For my part, I think the first three paragraphs in Lockington's letter are fair comment. I watched Close Up too and was also disappointed at the way LQ evaded the question of why Rajesh Singh was terminated.

LQ's answer that it was "no longer relevant" is not very reassuring.

The people of Fiji generally don't like to be treated like idiots.

Its the same kind of answer Lewensky gives when explaining yet another extension to the Public Emergency Decree - "Its not for public consumption".

Lockington is right, we have a right to know.

I voted for LQ and I expect my government to be more transparent than that.

But Lockington is very wrong when he blames 5/12 on the perceived substandard performance of the SDL government.

Democracy is about changing the governments you are not happy with by "voting" them out, not by force of arms.

I would have thought Lockington of all people would have appreciated that point.

Finally, Lockington's comments on the justification of the coup and clean-up campaign are just plain (for lack of a better word) stupid.

LQ and his government were put there by majority vote of the people of Fiji.

The government of day does not therefore need to "apologise" to the minority for carrying out the election promises they made to the majority that voted them into power.

That's Politics101 for you.

Lockington's comments show a personal hatred of SDL and LQ that goes well beyond the want of an explanation for the sacking of a man who probably deserved everything he got.

His comments are laced with so much bitterness that he has inadvertently crossed over from the realm of coup-apologists into the realm of coup-supporters.

I will not now be surprised if Lockington is illegally appointed to some Board.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised Mr. Lockington said was not performing. define performance?? or lets compare past govt and SDL govt or past PM to Qarase. Many were not happy with some of his decisions, but what I observed and felt was economically his vision and sights was worth the uneasy ride compared to this IG/RFMF style of rule.
many businesses I talked to said they were looking forward to good 2007 untill the 5/12 coup.
now look where we going. anyone saying SDL govt was to blame or Qarase, I say u better get ur facts right before arguing ur point.

Allen Lockington said...

Hello there
To be truthful I have a lot of respect for the former Prime Minister and likewise I also have a lot of respect for the Army Commander. Yet I take no sides. By the way I have a lot of mates in the SDL top brass .... I suppose they will accept a bit of constructive citicism from time to time because it keeps one on track.

But its good that my letter has generated some reaction. As for bitterness ..... this is one word that is most certainly not in my book ..... you may have read many of my letters that were against the Army and likewise this one was against Laisenia Qarase's reaction. Before the Coup I was a constant critic of government/civil servants/public servants etc ...! and I was a civil servant for 28 years!! One time I nearly got into trouble for speaking out against the top brass, even though it was the truth.

And hey, it would be interesting if I were invited to serve on a board maybe I will make a difference .. because it will be to lend a helping hand.

And it would have been the same if the Qarase government had invited me. I should have taken the offer when it came to me just before the elections .... but I had been invited by so many parties that I chose to stay with the minorities.

So ends my humble reply.

Anonymous said...

So there it goes, this blog indeed is not about democracy, but a SDL propaganda. R u defending SDL and Qarase? Can you defend SDL's affirmative action policies against Indians and others. Isnt affirmative action discrimination and undemocratic?

Anonymous said...

True saraga bracca.

This falla sa anti-SDL saraga.

hyde.n.ceek said...

Bula Allen. Your explanation is noted but I am still not convinced your overt support of King Bai's actions (ie 5/12) is justified. Nothing, short of mass murder by an incumbent government, justifies an illegal takeover. Unfortunately, active coup supporters like you just encourage idiots like King Bai and his cronies to continue with what they are doing. The vast majority of the people in Fiji can see its wrong. The international community can see its wrong. Why can't you?

Anonymous said...

Hey People - Allen Lockington is someone who has always written Letters to the Editor on anything and everything. If he sees something and feels strongly about it, he writes about it.
He is a Fiji Times legend. Let him "blog on" through his letters to the Editor.
Don't start dissing him just because he is exercising his right to Free Speech.

Long live Allen!

Anonymous said...

Laisenia Qarases somewhat vague answer to the question that he was asked was based on confidentiality of information. Civil Servants i believe cannot give any confidential information they have acquired whilst in the course of their duties to anyone while in the service and even after they go on retirement or in this case thrown out of government. I was also disappointed with his answer but I think what I have stated could be the reason

Anonymous said...

Allen I believe the former PM did just enough to indicate to me that his keeping his cards close to his chest. The court proceedings that will follow after all this will be his pay back time. Yes, like the others, I always enjoy your letters to the editor especially on issues that affect the grneral community, but my only concern in your letter is that you had compromised your position by supporting the events on 5/12/2006. For someone i have always enjoyed reading your letters this was a blow below the belt.