Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wheres the Emergency?

According to Fiji Times Online, interim AG Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has just confirmed that the Public Emergency Regulations have been extended to 31st May.

But what happened to the promises made to the EU at Brussels that the Public Emergency Decree will not be extended beyond the month of May... isa, sa vinaka ga ni levu tu na vula o Me!

Sa qai lau rai tiko qo ni o iko Voreqe sa o tamata lasulasu saraga.

The inevitable question on everyone's mind right now is where the frak is the threat to national security, public order and safety?

It seems the military is up to to the same ol shite again!

I remember when shortly before 5/12, King Bai was running around flexing his muscles against the Government and the Police declaring that there were all kinds of threats to national security lurking behind every nook, cranny and crevice... including his own!

The plain and undeniable fact of the matter is that there is no threat to national security, public order or safety.

There never was.

It was all fabricated by the military's propaganda machine to justify Bai's ascension to Kingship on 5/12.

Unless.... maybe something has changed since 5/12.

Perhaps the recent stories published by freedom bloggers have an element of truth.

Is it possible that by extending the Public Emergency Decree, King Bai is publicly acknowledging that there is a very real threat of an imminent takeover at QEB and by extension a very real threat against his life and that of his family?

Can it be true that many senior military officers and soldiers have just about had enough of this shite and simply want a return to normalcy?

Can it be true that Roko Lui is being sidelined because he has taken sides with a the dissenting faction of officers at QEB?

Can it be true that military personnel are being sent home in anticipation that something very bad (or very good depending on how you look at it) is about to happen at QEB?

Can it be true that King Bai was briefed at his home in the early hours of Friday morning (last week) on a imminent threat to his worthless life posed by angry soldiers within his own royal guard.

Can it be true that all this pressure is causing King Bai to have hallucinations of old Fijian men (the ghosts of Christmas past) occupying his home (and eating all his food).

If most or even some of these reports are true, then the continuing extensions to the Public Emergency Regulations are sure indication from King Bai's quarters that all is not well on the western front.

But never you mind Bai. You keep suppressing the rights of the people because thats one sure way to rally support against your lost cause.

To the soldiers of FMF. Remember that your King's days are numbered.

This coup cannot succeed. You must know that by now.

There are only two questions that remain.

How much damage will he do before he is removed?

And, will you help King Bai, his family and his friends promote corruption and enrich themselves or will you help return our beloved country to transparent and democratic rule.

The Unions are about to go on a nationwide strike and you will be ordered to raise arms against your brothers and sisters to crush that strike.

Make your choice now and choose wisely.

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