Thursday, May 10, 2007

Conflict of Interest

Dear Mr Nasir Ali,

It seems to me that this junta which is purportedly spearheading the so-called "clean-up campaign" to rid Fiji of corruption is quickly becoming its own biggest offender.

Here are a few shinning examples.

1. Captain Esala "Full Chow" Teleni as your new boss, ie of the Independent Commission Against Corruption. Capt Teleni is also the Deputy Military Commander. Now, as Deputy Commander, Teleni has to produce evidence of corruption in order to justify (to his own soldiers) that the coup was necessary. Because if he can't do this, his own head might be on the chopping block. Now that he's the new boss of the Anti-Corruption Unit, we can all be sure that evidence of corruption will surface - by hook or by crook - Teleni will have his evidence! The IG should seriously consider removing the word "Independent" and just call it the Commission Against Corruption.

2. Mahendra "Sneaky Snake" Chaudhary as the interim Minister for Finance, National Planning and Sugar. Mahen accepted this illegal appointment without relinquishing his position as General Secretary of the National Farmer's Union. So now the fox is in charge of the Hen House. Good for the fox and Union he represents. Bad for the hens!

3. Jim "Jimsky" Ah Koy as the illegally appointed Chairman of Fiji Trade and Investment Bureau. This is the same sonofagun that secretly visited King Bai at QEB pre 5/12 to seek his patronage and throw his support for the coup. According to RFC, Jimsky's family owns 51% of Bayleys Real Estate, the New Zealand real estate company that has exclusive selling rights to the lots at Momi Bay. So what does Jimsky do, he uses his influence with the IG and his position as Chairman of FTIB to derail the competition - ie. Natadola Development.

4. Don Collingwood as the illegally appointed Chairman of CAAFI. Although he hasn't done anything unseemly yet, it is clear the Don has got a bit of a conflict on his hands. You see, he is still the Managing Director of Sun Flower Flying School. And the rules which regulate the operations of his flying school are enforced by the same body of which he is now Chairman. Conflict! Conflict! Conflict!

5. Anthony Gaytes as the Acting Chief Justice. This poofta and his partner in crime Judge Shameem are strong and outspoken supporters of King Bai. They are now doing exactly the same thing that the former CJ Tuivaga was accused of doing in 2000 - assisting an illegal regime to gain some semblance of legitimacy. At least CJ Tuivaga was doing it for a good reason and so still has respect of his peers. To make matters worse, Gaytes has not deemed it necessary to excuse himself from hearing Qarase's court case against the the very regime that illegally appointed him. Add to that the fact any new cases filed in the High Court that have a "political" element now have to be approved by Gates. Man this guy's going for gold!

6. Ana "Banana" Rokomokoti as a newly appointed Magistrate. She has shown her complete lack of good judgement by failing to distance herself from the military's treasonous acts of 5/12. As a former military advisor, coup-supporter, counsel to interim AG and self-serving "wanna-be-in-the-middle-of-everything" hag, this wicked witch of the west is going to find it hard to dispense "justice" in cases where the military is involved. With Ana on the Bench, the judiciary is well and truly infiltrated. Corruption! Corruption! Corruption!

7. Shaister "the Shyster" Shameem for continuing as the Director of the Fiji Human Rights Commission. This lunatic takes the cake! She started to show her true colours immediately after 5/12 throwing her full support behind the very regime that was taking innocent people up to QEB to be tortured on daily basis. At first, she straight out denied that it was happening. Then when she couldn't deny it anymore, she said the military were allowed to torture its citizens because our rights were curtailed by the Public Emergency Decree. Then she attacked the UN, USA and EU for criticising her lack of interest in actually defending human rights. I'm sure this one is somehow related to Driti.

And last but certainly not least...

8. King "No Election" Bai as interim Prime Minister of Fiji. One could write a book on this bloke. Suffice as to say that the good King now has administrative control of every aspect of executive government, the judiciary and the police and army. He's broken every rule in the Book - hell he re-wrote the bloody Book because he didn't like the rules already in it. This makes him officially the Pacific's first ever Dictator!

Mr Ali, I imagine there must be quite a few more conflict of interest situations out there and I urge you to please look into these as quickly as possible - starting with your own appointment.

Your faithfully,



Anonymous said...

Nicely written HnC...Me tekivu mada mai Jeruisalemi.....

Anonymous said...

Very well written indeed.

Anonymous said...

Can you guys change Shyster Shameems name to Jezebel Syster Shameem cause Jezebel was a witch and a manupilator in the bible and thats how i c this women she is a real jezebel in our mordern time.Controlling and manupulating things

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know the Australian guys cant pronounce bainimarama well and they have since adopted the word bainibanana. So cud you guys changed his name to King Bainibanana.. Thankyou

mojahpa said...

Where is the coruption? Send it directly to their emails HnC! Hooray!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ensure this writing gets international attention especially UN and EU.thx and keep up with the good work.