Monday, May 07, 2007

King Bai Not Standing For Elections

I was very disappointed to see the article in Saturday's paper that "fearless" King Bai had decided not to stand in the next general elections.

King Bai has always suggested that he carried out 5/12 with the popular support of the people.

Why not put this to the test.

Is he afraid that he will not get any votes, except maybe that of his immediate family... and oh yes Leweni and Driti?

Its high time King Bai put his money where his mouth is and test by vote if the people really did support his coup.

Or is he afraid more than 90 percent of the people will say "frak you King Bai" you ruined this country and for what?

Please King Bai. Do not be a coward.

Be a man and stand up for your convictions.

What are you really afraid of?

Whatever it is. You really showed your true colours once again, you clown.

Good job. Now we all know that even you are aware that you don't have the basic qualities required to lead this country.

What a joke!


Nakai said...

vore's decision not to stand in the next election is a blessing in disguise to all in fiji. after all who would want to call a stupid idiot clown his/her prime minister, maybe teleni, leweni and driti would do as they are all in the same boat.

Anonymous said...

Bai should not stand in the election, he is a saviour. He came to clean out racist and inefficient SDL led govt. The objective has been achieved. Why should bai stand for election? R u guys getting addicted to him? I think so. The real cowards are you bloggers, hiding behind this blog. If you guys have any guts, then come out in the open.

Anonymous said...

To anon 1:42pm, you really think Bai is a saviour, after all the unexplained killings of innocent lives and torture of people who fought for democracy and spoke their minds? How could you say that the SDL led govt. was inefficient? Are you implying that this illegal govt. is efficient, when the economy is taking a nose dive? Please don't show how shallow your mentality is just like your so called "saviour".

Anonymous said...

people with guns force people without guns to stay hidden...bloggers you rock...keep a blogging...the Fiji people need to wake up and take charge of what's happening right now...don't take any up lip from anyone...KEEP ON BLOGGIN' :]

Anonymous said...

Don't come out in the open Bloggers. That is your trump card; that's needling this IG. The ones that are out in the open are reporting processed news i.e. the media. HA! HA! All their 'smart' planning did not take into account the bloggers. God is Good!!

Anonymous said...

i just can't comprehend how some people call vore "savior" after all the terror he has caused in the nation, as a result economy has fallen apart, paycuts implemented in the government sector, job losses occuring and all sorts of problems on the rise since vore assummed authority. please wake up, people, if you haven't. see the bigger picture here and understand the real motive behind what this terrorist is doing i.e. cover up and power hungry. "mo ni yadra na lewe ni mataivalu vinaka nei Viti ka tu taka na dina kei na dodonu, de na qai vakaloloma na nomuni kawa mai muri. sega li ni dua na ka vei kemuni ni sa sogo vei kemuni kei ira na luvemuni na katuba ni vuli i vavalagi ka ra sa sega ni cakacaka o ira na wekamuni baleta na veika sa vakayacora tu qo o vore, kerea mo ni vakasama taka vinaka na nomuni veitokoni kivei koya sa mai vakacacana na i rogorogo vinaka ni mataivalu vinaka ni Viti. me nomuni kece na kalougata & God bless Fiji.

mojahpa said...

Vore is only a gunman! what does he know about national decision making. he does not even know his role as a civil servant, that is, to serve the government of the people.

If he thinks he knows how a nation should be run, then resign from the civil service and stand for the lections. He knows that he is in a better position now that he is being able to feed his family. What will happen if loses the election and his job. The only option left for him is the BLOW JOB!!!hahahaha....

Anonymous said...

Bai is ahhhhhhhh my ahhhhhhhhh savior