Friday, May 11, 2007

Military Moves To Block Blogs

Intelligensiya emailed the following warning to HnC a short while ago...

"Fiji's Freedom Bloggers have obtained credible information that the military has been pressuring FINTEL, the international telecommunication gateway, to block access within Fiji to our various blogs.

It is understood the military initially made a phone call to FINTEL but were told to write formally to the Chief Executive Officer Sakaraia Tuilakepa (mobile number 9921934) with the request.

This morning the army's acting information technology manager Salusalu and another officer were seen at FINTEL. It has been confirmed that they were meeting with management and trying to persuade them to pull the plug on our blogs.

From our information, FINTEL is wary of the legal implications of blocking access, but the final decision rests with the CEO.

The military wanted access blocked by 3pm (1500hrs FST/0300hrs GMT) today.

NiuFM in Auckland is reporting confirmation from the military, quoting Land Force Commander Pita Driti, that they are closing down our blogs. See story here:

In the worst case scenario, all Internet access out of Fiji may be cut, Freedom Bloggers' sources tell us. It may even happen over the weekend.

Fiji Freedom Bloggers"


fijimahn said...

i think it would be wise to start educating people in fiji about tunnel programs right about now. :)

Anonymous said...

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