Friday, May 11, 2007

Mainstream Media

The mainstream media it seems is going out of their way to avoid making any references whatsoever to the various pro-democracy blogs.

Perhaps they view us as a threat to their business.

RFC and other bloggers it seems are scooping most of the stories which the media would like to break, so by the time we see the 6 o'clock news we have already read the breaking stories on the blogs.

More and more people are now getting their breaking news from the blogs and this is because we are able to print the kind of stuff the media are afraid to print.

RFC is hands down the most widely read of all the pro-democracy blogs and as of 2 minutes ago, it had profile views of 22,037. Anyone who blogs knows this isn't even the tip of the iceberg when determining the actual number of hits they've had.

Their actual readership will be about 70 to 100 times that number.

We are not competition to the mainstream media. But they cannot continue to ignore us.

Or can they?

I was encouraged to see two articles on us lowly bloggers in today's Fiji Times, if only the content were not so bleak.

The Fiji Times reported that military operations are currently underway to track down pro-democracy bloggers.

Driti claimed they are very close to catching the people behind three specific blogs, namely, RFC, Intelligentsiya and The Shame List.

Driti's comments seem to indicate that he has many people working on the "blogger problem" and that they are very close to identifying the bloggers. Now, he is either bullshitting us or he just loves to let everyone know the inside track on their secret investigations.

Either way, both his comments are inconsistent with the promises they made to the EU that they will not continue to act like a bunch of Nazis.

I hope the EU will take note of Col "Leg in Mouth" Driti's comments which are being made on the eve of the EU's Fact Finding Mission to Fiji on Human Rights Abuses.


nEws FiJI said...

Thank You Hyde n Ceek for your great work!!

You are certainly making this idiot regime round around!!

Keep it up!

mojahpa said...

Why are they wasting their time hunting for bloggers? Stupid fools!

Bring on the evidence of corruption, which was the reason for your takeover. Bloggers are there because of your coup coup! Lauvutu!

Obtain their emails and send these news directly to them. I never thought they too would be reading this. Or are they being ridiculed just because of what we are saying here!

mojahpa said...

Let them waste their time hunting bloggers! Time is running out on them to provide eveidence of corruption.

Bring on the elections! They should know that without the evidence their chances in the next elections is close to zero....

Anonymous said...

DRITI----Boi dada..Ulu Pepa.. Vuli Va Vo....Lako mada laki TAQARica na DEMU....Vashishila...