Friday, May 11, 2007

DSG Forced to Resign

HnC can confirm that the story broken by Intelligensiya yesterday that Deputy Solicitor General Savenaca Banuve was forced to resign, is true.

HnC sources have confirmed that Banuve was forced to resign because he refused to be used by Sayed Khaiyum to do King Bai and Epeli G's dirty work - ie to fight the GCC case on behalf of the junta.

Banuve is a man of principle who stood by his convictions and gave up his livelihood rather than be used by these self-serving hypocrites.

Good on you Banuve. HnC salutes you!

HnC also heard that long serving Chief Registrar of the High Court, Musuka Tabete, also resigned yesterday following Banuve's resignation.

HnC will try learn more about the reasons for this but if it is true, then the civil service lost two very senior officers yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Good on them...only an uncultured,arrogant,disobedient and stupid indigenous fijian would dare fight the GCC. Mo drau kalougata tiko na turaga veiwekani ena nomudrau totaka na dina.

nEws FiJi said...

Drau totaka ga na dina - no matter what and God is on your side! Very soon, sooner than anyone expected this illegal regime will crumble!

God Bless You and Fiji Forever!


Anonymous said...

Musuka was also forced to resign.

Anonymous said...

Can anon2 clarify the reason(s) of CRs resignation? Why resign, does he know something or running away from something??

Anonymous said...

To Anon1: Although the GCC was in dire need of a little shake-up, post 5/12 was just the wrong time for it.. and the MANNER in which the junta dealt with the GCC has only served to alienate all true Fijians who now dig their heels in support of the GCC!

mojahpa said...

Why did they resign? Why can't they wait until they sacked them? Then only the people of Fiji will know the truth.

After all, I thought that every law abiding citizens that lived by principles should have refused to be a part of this Illegal Regime from Day 1.

Remember, if we all lose our jobs and the economy halts, we the indigenous fijians can still live by the land. Where will Chaudhary go? Since he cannot expect Refugee visas from NZ and Australia (his favourite) he is surely running off to motherland. The said thing is that this time he will be a refugee, much worse than his grandfather who came to Fiji on a work permit.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the wanna-be-learned AG is getting rid of people in his office. It seemed it was not enough firing his Secretary and getting a much younger Paris Hilton non-Secretary type to try and do his typing. Lol!

Anonymous said...

I guess the IG thinks that the AG's Chambers needs to be "cleaned up"....
SO, first step remove the SG,
make life so difficult for the DSG that he has no other option but to resign,
remove his experienced PA and replace her with a Muslim girl from somwehere,

remove all Fijian lawyers from Government....whatch out DPP - you're next!