Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ana Compromised

These comments from a blogger summarises Major Ana's situation quite accurately...

"What a joke! Here is someone appointed to a position where she will have to
make high standard judgements of right and wrong on the public cases presented
before her.

But she has already empirically demonstrated her own complete lack of judgement by failing to resign from the military's treasonous clean-up coup of 5th December.

Not only that, but by implication of not resigning from the military from 5th December, she is likely to be guilty of a whole range of crimes from misprison of treason through to aiding and abetting a capital crime.

And yet somehow this highly dubious, if not disgraceful, person has the gall to want to sit on the venerated bench of our Magistracy.

Who could seriously respect such a judge, or any of her judgements?"


Anonymous said...

She will burn in hell because she liumuri the Fijian people.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for her husband. I think he was one of Qarase's bodyguards.

Anonymous said...

I have just read your earlier posting on 27th April - what is this about a love-nest with Mo Tikoitoga?

And is her surname really Prasad?

Lavender Heals said...

I think Ana is nursing some hurts from earlier times....those hurts have never really healed....that is why being more "Fijian than the Fijians" she thinks that she can remove her Indianess....Unfortunately that will never work.

My advice to Ana is this: Accept that you can't change things and just ask God to heal you and for the spirit of humility to enter your spirit.

I will pray for you.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you Lavendar heals...I read an interview in the F/T in late 2005 on 'Ana Rokomokoti being a role model for women' (in ironic!!).. Anyway, what I found very intriguing in her interview was her adamant statement that 'she was not an Indian even though people might think she was'... and yet, nothing was ever offered in that interview by the interviewer to warrant that kind of response.

To me, the fact that she seemed overly concerned with that aspect of her heritage showed that it BOTHERED her a lot..

Ana, accept yr fate and make peace with yourself.

mojahpa said...

She looks like a Nepali to me, if not Chinese!!

Anonymous said...

Mojahpa don't be cruel.

Ms. Ana is very upset with all of youse and is looking for you people who have said nasty things about her!!