Sunday, May 13, 2007

IG Problems Affect CMDA

HnC has obtained reliable information that the illegal IG is almost broke.

The Capital Markets Development Authority which is usually funded by the Ministry of Finance will not be funded by the government this year because there is no more money.

CMDA is Fiji's capital markets watchdog and it plays an important role in regulating the investment markets.

Yet this year, the CMDA will have to make ends meet with their left over budget from last year.

Rumour is that CMDA have only enough money left to last maybe a couple of months, after that, if nothing changes, they might have to suspend their operations.

Mahen "Sneaky Snake" Chaudhry must have known that once the international community turns its back on Fiji, it would onlybe a matter of time before the IG's coffers dry up.

Perhaps this is why he hasn't given up his other job as General Secretary of the National Farmer's Union.

But whats more concerning is the view of some political pundits that the destruction of Fiji's economy is just part of Mahen's grand plan to bring Fijians to their knees.

It seems Mahen is prepared to destroy the lives of a great many people to achieve his political goals.

I just hope senior officers in the military will realise this and do something about this man who is directly threatening Fiji's national security for his own policital gains - before its too late.


Anonymous said...

Knowing this snake, what is he doing to India at this time? Check out if he will detour to Mauritius. At the recent EU press conference in Suva, they had said that if Fiji does not return to democratic rule within 3 years, the money could be diverted to other ACP countries like Mauritius. I gathered from the recent ACP conference held in Fiji that the president was from Mauritius. If they are now chummy chummy (IG and Mauritius) - maybe the IG hopes to get the funding via Mauritius seeing they are in no hurry to implement the agreement with EU. Just a thot.

Anonymous said...

HnC, all govt depts and govt statutory bodies are facing the same scenario.

everyone is surviving on left over budget from last year. most of govt funds held by IG for their admin exps. and FMF being most spender on fuel, vehicle, etc.

just compare their budget from the deposed govt aagainst revised budget by IG and how much they have rec'd this year (since January) and for what?? u'll be surprised. if u do find it, please expose results on the web.

mojahpa said...

People should know that the Indigenous Community will never bow down to this illegal IG and its Money man even if the nation becomes bankrupt.

Put in the extreme case scenario where there is no more money left, nothing!! We will go back to our villages and live on cassava and bele. It is the people who live on flour, curry and spices who will be crying because there won't be any money left to import them.

Maybe the rich ones like Punjas will get the chance to migrate and find a better life elsewhere.

What about the poor indian farmer who considers Chaudhary as their saviour?