Friday, May 11, 2007

Chaudary's World

Mick Dundee wrote...

Once again we are subjected to the repetitive din by Mahendra Chaudry over the 2006 Election Results.

The Fiji Times Editorial (FT 10/5) quite rightly pointed out the inconsistencies in his report, rather than go into details I suggest reading the piece personally.

Chaudry indignantly defended his Audit Team's report in the Fiji Times (11/5) Letters to the Editor.

The most obvious fact is that no matter how much Chaudry derides the Election Officials and the outcome of the results, as a member of an illegal regime he has no mandate/legal authority to be carrying out any investigations into electoral fraud.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that there is a conflict of interest between his unsuccessful bid to legally gain control of Government, then assuming the Minister of Finance position in the Illegal Military Regime, then launching a "Ministry of Finance Audit Team" into discrepancies that led to him being robbed of the Prime Ministership.

I've got a few choice swear words lined up for this guy but suffice to say the man is in need of some serious psychiatric help as he continuously seems to have a problem accepting reality.

Until he learns to deal with the fact that he lost the elections fair and square we will have to suffer his ravings as long as his vocal chords are functional. Conspiracy theories abound in his mind and I am pretty sure he would give Agent Mulder of X Files fame a run for his money.

The irony of the situation is not lost on the members of the independent International Observer teams that were tasked with identifying and reporting any incidents of electoral fraud.

Chaudry has implied that despite the numerous teams from various International Bodies (EU, Forum Secretariat, Commonwealth, USP,etc...) they in turn must have either been extremely incompetent or comatose during the 2006 elections to not detect the underhand tactics employed by the SDL.

Well the objectivity of the Independent Observer Teams is not in question as they had nothing to gain by whitewashing over any occurrences of vote rigging and it didn't make one point of difference to their future who was elected anyway. Apart from that they did not cost the Fiji taxpayers one red cent which is more than be said for Chaudry's "Ministry of Finance Audit Team"

But then this should hardly be a surprise as it has been a consistent tactic of Chaudry from his Unionist days to accuse and deflect when the pressure is directed towards him.

The funny thing about Unionists such as Chaudry, Anthony and Urai is that while they are masters in the political rhetoric of mudslinging and finger pointing at the powers that be, when assigned with something constructive they only know how to demolish it (Look no futher than the impending legal costs FNPF members will be forking out due to Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee's ineptitude in buggering up Natadola).

While these tactics may have served him well in his "former" capacity as a unionist it is now time for him to step up to the mark and show us the financial acumen he is purported to possess.

Chaudry, enough already with the elections it is a foregone conclusion that you risk further alienation or frosted foreign relations if you keep your head stuck in the sand.

You want to show us whether you are capable of being the Minister of Finance then move your ass and get us out of the economic doldrums that you and the rest of the Merry Band of Idiots have placed us in.

If all you have to show at the end of the year is a surplus budget due to reducing civil servants pay and cutting back on Capitol Expenditure Projects then I am sorry but you should be drawn and quartered for inflicting economic hardship on the populace as a whole as our foreign reserves dip even further into the red and investment swims off for more stable waters elsewhere.

If attracting and reassuring investors is a top priority for the interim government then the IG should immediately start complying with the EU conditions and return to democracy, commence a complete overhaul of the ailing water and road infrastructure (possible only through overseas financial aid) and arrest any further job losses.

Rather than moaning about the elections that you lost start getting your act together and do the job no one asked you to do. Unlike the Minister for Finance I am a realist and no amount of spin doctoring from political pundits (Ratuva, Shah, Lal, Nandan et al) is going to hide us from the tough times yet to come.

Have people accepted the coup?

Yes, it is a fact of life that we have to deal with.

Do we support it?

Some people do but I believe that most people are either forced to try and remain indifferent or fear reprisal, however as always the tide starts drawing when everyone's bread and butter starts to run out.

Will we survive this coup?

Yes, without a doubt our country has the resilience, the question for the rest of us is how much damage we are willing to silently suffer in the process before things get worse.

Chaudry before you embark on another wild goose chase to satisfy your paranoia, a word from the wise

"An unfriendly man pursues selfish ends; he defies all sound judgment." Proverbs 18: 1

"Where there is no honour there is no shame." David Mamet.


Anonymous said...

Well said! Although I doubt if that dimwitted Chodo will take note..

mojahpa said...

Let him talk about the elections he lost! He only shows that his support for this coup was based on sour grapes!

That was the last nail on his coffin. Best of luck for the FLP come the next elections!! Now the people know who really cares for the ordinary people.

As long as these people remain in the FLP, they won't win any election.

Welcome to the ressurection of the NFP, and death to the FLP! After all the NFP is the real Indian Party of this country that worked together with the enemy in Rabuka to bring about the status that the Indian of today could only dream about including CHAUDORA! How boastful he is now, for if it wasn't for Jai Ram Reddy, he would have been a minor opposition all his political life.

Anonymous said...

The very words of Chaudhary himself now applies to him...
(i) failed politician
(ii) hidden agenda
(iii) Should obey the rule of law
(iv) Democracy
etc, etc,

Now the whole world see/know that the FLP uses democracy, rule of law to hide his hidden agenda for political supremecy, aided by idiots like the army boys, scholars and even high profile legal people.